Learn to speak better Korean in a shorter amount of time
from the comforts of your living room, at times that fit 100% into YOUR schedule…

Improve Your Korean LIVE and ONLINE:
Simple Explanations for Ease of Understanding and
Lots of Speaking Practice for Speedy Results.


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This program was created by an experienced language teacher
and will help you improve your Korean...

36Increased Speaking Fluency and Confidence

36Improve in a  Fun and Supportive Atmosphere

36Lots of Practice for Accelerated Results

36Super Convenient Times and Locations

36Notice Immediate Improvement

36No matter how much you may have struggled up 'till now

If you want to learn a language as quick as you can, you absolutely MUST be using it.

Unfortunately most people don’t have access to any decent classes or people to practice with, and if they do, they either don't have the time to attend, or the classes are way too expensive, way out of the way, or taught by someone who, despite their generosity and want to help, just grew up knowing the language and so really can’t explain the ins-and-outs in a way that is simple to understand and apply.

These are all problems of the past...

Welcome to Korean Digital Academy: The ONLY Korean Program on the planet that combines Easy-to-Understand explanations in Plain English, with the ever-crucial speaking practice of everything you learn  for Immediate and Long-lasting Improvement in Your Ability to Speak this Language...Guaranteed.

Here is a little more about how we make that happen, and are so confident we can help you...

  • Simple Explanations for Ease of Understanding

Korean  is quite different from English, but “different” does NOT have to mean “difficult”, as long as you get it explained in a way that makes sense.  Get explanations and insights from a teacher who started where you did, who knows the ins-and-outs of the language, and can explain it in a way that is easy to understand, apply and improve from.

  • Lots of Speaking Practice for Speedy Results

Speaking practice is a key step in the learning process.  Small class sizes (max of 4!) dedicated only to guided speaking practice gives you the opportunity to practice everything you learn and boost your fluency, pronunciation and overall speaking confidence.

  • Supportive Atmosphere for Maximum Enjoyment

Very small groups made up of people at a similar level as you, you can feel free to practice, make mistakes and improve in a comfortable, supportive environment surrounded by people of similar level and goals.

  • Extremely Flexible Schedule

There are two classes per week that fit into YOUR schedule:

  • one class is video “lectures” giving real simple breakdowns of the language
  • class #2 in the week is targeted speaking-practice, practicing what you learned in the video “lecture”
  • The video “lectures” are to be watched on your time, some time before the practice session
  • Practice sessions will be at the same time every week (but WILL be set 100% around YOUR schedule)
  • Super Convenient Location

These classes are 100% online so you can attend them from literally anywhere in the world you want, as long  as you have a computer and a decent Internet connection.

  • Lessons Build Gradually

Learning a language is supposed to be fun and the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed from information overload.  These classes follow a step-by-step proven plan to get you from beginner to conversational as quickly as possible and in a supportive atmosphere.

  • Learn Useful Vocabulary

A key to speaking Korean is to learn words and phrases people actually use, and that’s exactly what you will learn and we will practice here.

  • Noticeable Improvement!

Improvement in your conversations with friends or understanding more of your favorite k-pop or k-dramas, you're gong to notice your improvement and it's going to feel awesome how well your Korean is coming along.

Learn from the experiences and insights of an experienced language teacher (both English and Korean)
who has been through what you're currently going through...


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Meet Some of the Awesome Teachers
Who Help Make This Happen...

I love the class. The course is fun, the material is relevant, the explanations are clear, the classes are well organized, the individual help is outstanding, the price is great . . .What can I say, do you think maybe you could serve refreshments? : )

Arnelle High School English Teacher, South Korea

"I studied with the Korean Digital Academy and it was brilliant.  It’s very well organized, it made a huge difference to my Korean speaking ability, it works around your timetable and I can highly recommend it.  Get in touch with Rob, he is super helpful.

Karen MacHale
Karen MacHale English Teacher, South Korea

Speaking another language is a skill that perpetually becomes more enjoyable the better you get at it,
so it's a win-win to put the effort toward it and learn how to do it.  We're here to help...


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