Recent developments and one eye-opening "realization" in particular have lead to some major changes here at KDA, and
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Just because this is 93% OFF the regular price, does NOT mean we are shortcutting anything.  In fact, we are actually ADDING something totally new that I think you'll find very helpful: Your "Roadmap to Speaking Success"

Hi future ROKstar, <--- that's the name of our group

My name's Rob and I'm gonna be completely honest: I am trying to make you an offer you can't refuse.

I'll explain more about exactly why (and the ridiculous amount of Korean-boosting stuff you're getting with this) down below, however first...

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  1. The time necessary to dedicate to this...
  2. Access to decent classes or teachers to help you...
  3. A proven plan or system to follow...

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This "Roadmap to Speaking Success" will lay out your daily action steps that you can take to ensure you improve your ability to speak in as short a time as possible by cutting out "wasteful" activities and focusing on only those steps that are proven to get you results.

These steps enable you to experience significant improvement:

  • On your own
  • WITHOUT the need of a practice partner
  • EVEN IF you have only 10 minutes or an hour a day to spend on this.
  • This offer is fully guaranteed to get you speaking Korean...

I am literally putting my own money where my mouth is.

As you just saw above, we are adding a new addition to these classes - your "Roadmap to Speaking Success".

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And it's also worth nothing:

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  • If you don't find the course helps you streamline your learning and improvement...
  • If you're not happy with our service in any way...
  • Or if you just don't like the fact that I'm Canadian and say "eh" all the time or one of the t-shirts I wear in the videos...

It doesn't matter what the reason is...

Just shoot a quick email saying you'd like a refund and I will send your $7 back to you.  No questions asked.  No hard feelings.

"I have taken many Korean courses and this is the best one I have ever taken."

Dave Tonetti
Seoul University Language Professor


(two very specific reasons actually: the results of my first "coaching" student,
as well as the "survey results" of nearly 1000 people)

The first reason is Julia, my first "coaching" student,
and the results she has experienced...

In November of 2014 I took Julia on as a “personal project” and coached her one-on-one.

She's the only student I have ever done this kind of one-on-one thing with and the reason I did was that I noticed something with her...(which I'll get into in just a second)...

First, a little background about Julia...('cause she shares some very common obstacles people have - or *think* they have - when learning Korean)...

She's a 51-year-old resident of a small town in eastern USA (I'm leaving out her exact location on purpose, but “small town” is the relevant info)...

She first got introduced to Korean TV dramas back in 2012 which lead her to learning more about the culture which ultimately sucked her in to the point where she really wanted to learn the language...

(whether you're aware or not, that's the way SO many people come to want to learn this language)

Since starting to learn this language, she had tried just about every resource available including:

  • the videos at Talk to Me in Korean
  • Live Mocha
  • Youtube videos
  • Memrise
  • Language partners

And list literally goes on and on and on...

She'd tried nearly all there was to try and yet still couldn't “make it click”.

Despite all of these resources, she failed to make the progress she'd hoped for and the ability to put sentences and conversations together in any sort of fluid and confident manner.

So another common trait of Julia is that, due to her abismal ability to speak Spanish after 4 years of classes in high school...

Julia held (literally for 33 years if I've done my math right) the utterly-false belief that she just “wasn't very good at languages”, a trait that many people carry around with them, often stifling their own motivation and progress by constantly having those nagging questions in the back of their mind...

“Can I really do this?"

"Is it worth all the time and effort?”

Completely ridiculous, completely false, and I'll prove that to you in a second...

And the third very common trait is that, as I mentioned, she lives in a small rural community where she has access to absolutely NO Korean people to help her or to practice with, much less any classes she can attend.

So all in all, she is well past (what many people consider to be) the “ideal” age to learn a language, she believed herself to be bad at learning languages, she lived in a remote location with no access to decent classes or teachers...

Yet fortunately, for Julia and her desire to learn this language, she is an absolute champion.


'Cause while there are lots of people who struggle with lack of classes or people to help or the time to learn a language, or the false belief that they're just not good at languages or that they're “tool old” to learn a new language...

There are very few people in this world who refuse to use these obstacles as an “excuse” to why they can't...

See, despite all these limits, all these “reasons” why it was “hard” for her, Julia refused to let this stop her and was trying her ass off.

It's actually her effort that made me take notice and decide to help...

Long story short, I basically explained to Julia what I noticed about all the resources she was trying to learn from, spent a bit of time laying out some daily action-steps for her – the EXACT same steps I'm laying out for you – and her turn around was absolutely amazing...

Within days she had completely realized how and why she was struggling ('cause she was focused on the wrong tasks)...

And within weeks she had noticed a significant improvement in her ability to reproduce the stuff she was learning...after struggling for YEARS to do so...

And it was about a month when she heard it for the first time...

Her language partner literally said out loud how he noticed a vast improvement in her...

One month and she was completely turned around and continuing to progress 'cause she KNOWS the actions she needs to focus on...

In fact, here are a few bits and pieces of emails she has sent me over the course of the last few months...

"I just want to say I think your focus on teaching people how to study is brilliant...

I was just learning a little bit about everything in a completely disorganized fashion and what is happening with your coaching is that I am learning new habits...

The 2 hours I put into practicing the material until I could say it confidently was the BEST 2 HOURS I have ever spent...

Before, it just sounded like work.  I was resistant.  But I trusted you and now it clicks...

If I could go back and correct my mistakes, it would be to never have searched the internet for all the ways to learn other than KDA...

Julia Reidy
K-culture Super Fan

So Julia's results were the first cue that "something was missing" and needed changing...

The second reason is the "survey results" of nearly
1000 people trying to learn this language...

Throughout pretty much most of 2014, I ran an optional "survey" that people could take as soon as they left their name and email to enter the members area..

And one of the questions I asked in that survey was...

"What is the #1 biggest struggle you've had trying to learn Korean?

Here are the top three answers I got back...(and wow do they tell an interesting story)...

The top answer was...

"No one to help," with specific things like...

  • The grammar is difficult and no one could give clear answers
  • They live too far away or can't afford classes(which is funny 'cause these people only THINK they're missing out; you'll see the irony in a second when we get to the second most popular answers)

And the third one may surprise you 'cause even people who live in korea said this one...A LOT...which is...

  • THEY Couldn't find anyone to practice with because everyone just wants to speak english, either they work in an english-speaking environments or their friends just want to speak english all the time so they can improve their english.

(Isn't that crazy! They live in the country the language is spoken in and can barely find anyone to help!!)

Well I say that a bit tongue-in-cheek 'cause i don't think it's crazy at all – I know exactly what they're going through 'cause it's exactly what I went through when I first started out and a lot of my students over the years have been through as well!)

So those are the people who felt they couldn't find help.

The second most common answer is made up of people who apparently did find people or classes willing to “help” however were just really not very helpful at all in the end 'cause the #1 problem for them was...

“Bad teacher” and/or “bad teaching”...and they cited specific reasons like:

  • Poor explanations
  • Lack of structure
  • Forced to memorize everything
  • No system
  • Information overload
  • No good method

(any of this sound familiar?)

And the third most-commonly-stated struggle people had was...

A lack of time to dedicate to this.

Either they have jobs and/or a family and/or school work that they also had to take care of, and were left with very little time to put in to learning Korean, despite really wanting to...

So why am I offering this crazy deal?

See, Julia's story along with the story that these survey results told made me realize that there are so many people struggling with the same issues...(which I'll discuss in more detail below)...

And these problems ALSO happen to be things I have "solved" for myself and can help you solve as well, just like I did with Julia...

And so the reason I am making this 93% off crazily-discounted offer - coupled with a double-your-money-back guarantee - is that I want to get this solution in the hands of as many people who need it as possible so I am trying to eliminate any "financial" or "time" reasons not to get started.

I want you to start putting these principles to work so you can get the results and starting holding the conversations you desire and deserve.

And the reason I am offering such a strong "guarantee" is that, sure, maybe this program WON'T work for some people as well as it does for others, however there's no way of knowing unless you try.

So again, I'm trying to make the decision to "at least try it and see" as easy and risk-free as possible.  'Cause there's a very good chance it will really help you as it has done for others.


(and why it's not your fault, and exactly how to solve them)

Learning to speak a language can be a daunting task on its own, yet trying to do it on top of all of the other demands of life that suck up our time and energy in a day, things like work, school or family (or whatever it might be for you), makes it ever-more critical that you only focus on proven actions that are going to yield the greatest returns for your effort.

Yet one real problem when it comes to learning Korean is that there is so much information out there about the language itself (the grammar, the vocab, and so on)...

Yet often that information is taught in such a way that is either confusing, incomplete or difficult to make sense of and apply to conversation.

And even worse, there's very little info about how to apply that information into a proven plan or set of action steps that you can take to improve your ability to actually SPEAK the language...

A seemingly endless supply of options,
methods, and ideas on how to best achieve "fluency"...

...YET Nothing to help you piece it all together and make it all fit.

You would think with the growth of the Internet and ease-of-access to so much information that things would have improved, however unfortunately it just isn't true, and in fact, is maybe even worse than before...

Now anybody and their dog can put up a site, start making youtube videos and claim to “teach” you Korean.

Doesn't mean they're going to be any good at it.

Essentially what it does mean is that they're going to throw more and more and more info about the language at you, however...

Allow me to let you in on a little secret about all this...

It's not more info you need.

You already have lots in your head. It's getting it to come out of your mouth more fluently that's the real issue here.

There are so many sites and apps and softwares claiming to make the process “easier”, “faster”, and essentially imply that they can replace the effort needed to learn this language.

Well they're either wrong, or they're lying to you.

I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it's the former, but either way the fact remains...

That's not even close to the truth...

If you are one of the thousands who have fallen victim to this mis-information and information overload, then it is imperative that you decide now to believe the truth instead...BECAUSE:

If you do not, there is a very high chance you will continue
down the road of seeing very little return on your efforts.

You'll continue your struggle to produce sentences and conversations with any decent fluency or confidence.

Your mind begins to trick you into thinking that you're “never going to be able to do this”, that somehow you're lacking in the magical “language-learning” ability which “other people have” (which i promise you you're not, and they don't)...

And eventually, no matter how highly-motivated you once were, your effort and desire to improve slowly dwindle away with each passing frustration and failure to communicate inevitably halting all of your progress dead in its tracks, which is the worst case of all 'cause...

You'll miss out on all the hidden opportunities that come with learning this language that you have yet to uncover.

Please believe me when I say this:

I got into teaching to help people and actually make a difference. This is the last thing I want to see for you, and I know it's not what you desire for yourself.

And, this is the reason your struggle to learn and actually speak this language is not your fault.

The truth is, when it comes to learning to speak this language, there
is one and only one skill/ability we must acquire, and that is:

We want our mouths to be able to produce (say) what our brains are thinking,
and ideally without much delay – or thought – in between.

This really is the varying shades of “fluency”

But with so many websites and information available to us now, many people fall into the trap and make the mistake of moving on and taking in more info – learning more vocab and structures – before they can confidently produce the info they've already “learned”.

Ultimately this is what leads to overwhelm and frustration down the road.

It's what leads to people “knowing” it in their head, but not being able to produce it out of their mouths.

After hearing the correct way they say, “Ah, I knew that!!” (I really wish I had a dollar for every time i've heard that).

So my question is, “Did they really know that?”

Yes, perhaps they had seen it, and even studied it before...

However if you can't reproduce it out of your mouth, do you really know it?

Again, my stance is that “No, they don't know it.”

For our purposes and goals,
"knowing it" implies actually being able to use it.

We're either improving our ability to speak, or we're not.

And since our goal is to be able to speak, why would we ever put in any effort that was not going to lead us to this one desired outcome?

And then you further compound this with all the apps and softwares and “technological” help available to us...

Watching youtube video after video, reading blog posts from would-be “teachers” and polyglots, downloading flashcards, uploading vocab lists, thoughtlessly repeating after sentences and words while being given very little in the way of explanation of how it all works...

It is so easy to get caught up in “busy-ness” and
confuse “activity” with actual progress.

Yet the reality of the situation is that we really do only have a limited amount of time in a day to spend on this.

We have jobs, school work, families to take care of – our time is insanely limited and therefor insanely precious and...

We simply don't have the luxury to waste it with teachers or practice partners who don't provide a plan or proven system to follow and who give you explanations that are incomplete and more confusing than helpful!!

In fact, if we want to actually achieve our goal of speaking korean, then we don't have the luxury to waste our time and effort on any activity that does not help us improve our ability to speak the language.

Put another way...

Every action we take must help us develop this one key skill and move us closer
to our goal, and if it does not, then our time and effort is being wasted,
which is something we just can't afford to do.

(Would you agree?)

If you do agree, then today allow me to introduce you to a proven yet totally different approach to learning to speak Korean...

It will not only eliminate any overwhelm you might feel in the language, but will actually help you improve your speaking starting immediately...

Again, whether you have anyone to practice with or not, and:

Even if you only have minutes in a day to spend on this...

It will renew your hope.

It will super-charge your motivation.

It will change the way you approach learning forever, and most important of all:

It will improve your ability - in confidence, understanding and fluency - to speak this language...

No matter your age or current level.

No matter where you live

No matter how confusing the grammar and structure of this language may seem and how much you may have struggled with it in the past...

And whether you have access to classes or people to practice with or not.



(and how it's going to help you kick your Korean into gear and get you speaking
this language once and for all, and for only seven bucks!)

Your "Roadmap
to Speaking Success"

Again, when it comes to improving our ability to speak this language, there is only one main skill we need to work on and that is getting our mouths to produce what our brains are thinking, and no time or energy should be wasted on any activities that will not achieve this.

This “roadmap” is what's going to keep you on task doing only those activities that have a direct impact on your ability to speak Korean...

  • It lays out your step-by-step action plan (with explanations as to why you're doing the steps you're doing) which you can tailor to fit your lifestyle and the time you have in a day to allot to this, whether it's 5 minutes, 15 minutes, an hour or more
  • It's what's going to allow you to make significant improvement without the need for a “practice partner” (note: practice partners definitely have their place in the improvement process, but it's not just yet)
  • It's what's going to guarantee (and I mean “guarantee”) that you see improvement, starting immediately.
  • And it is also what is going to open your eyes to why you've been struggling to speak the language so far and how you can now continue to improve way more efficiently

But that is not even close to all you're getting...

To make each and every ounce of time and energy you spend on this count, it's imperative that we focus on aspects of the language that give us the greatest "bang for our buck"...

Year-long Access to a
3-Month-Long Video Course

(a $75 value)

Another key to becoming "conversational" in as short a time as possible is to only focus on aspects of the language that will allow you to make LEAPS AND BOUNDS in the language and avoid the things that suck up our time and energy yet progress our abilities very little...

  • This course is essentially your source for “input”; for new information that we're going to learn how to say
  • It was recorded in a live class I taught in Korea so it's just like your in the class, like a real live class has literally been transplanted across the world right into your living room or wherever you prefer to “improve”
  • It is taught in a sequence that is meant to provide you with new and very relevant Korean that you can start using right away
  • Each step in this course builds upon the last in a very logical and coherent system meant to keep you progressing yet not overwhelm
  • It is tailored to your current speaking ability (meaning you can start at the level you feel would be most appropriate for you)

This 3-month-video course, combined with the "Roadmap",
is the only Korean program on the planet that:

  • Combines simple explanations of how the language works in a logically-structured and coherent system with a step-by-step proven action-plan to fluency
  • was created by an experienced language teacher who has been through exactly what you're attempting
  • Has been completely tailored to you and your current level and experience
  • enables you to to make significant improvement in your ability to speak korean, immediately and consistently over the next few months, without the need of a teacher, language partner or class to attend, even if you only have minutes a day to spend on this

Essentially, this is a results-oriented program that goes at a pace that fits into your life, will not leave you frustrated or overwhelmed, and guarantees you will see significant improvement in your ability to speak this language, even if you:

  • Don't live in Korea
  • Have no one to practice with
  • Have as little as 10 minutes a day to spend on this
  • Think this language is too difficult
  • Believe you're “not good at languages”
  • Feel you're “too old” to learn a language
  • Feel you're not ready to start yet
  • Think you don't have a good memory
  • Think your pronunciation is terrible
  • Think you can't afford it
  • Worry you're going to frustrate native speakers
  • Feel you're too shy to actually speak
  • Feel you've plateaued
  • Feel you're not sure where to start
  • Think it's boring
  • Feel like your current level is too low


I say "three months" as a suggested basic guideline progressing at one class per week with daily action-steps to complete throughout that week, however...

It is possible to go faster if you want – as long as you stick to the plan and don't move on until you can confidently reproduce what you've learned...

And it's definitely possible to go slower, again, if you only have a limited amount of time to spend per day maybe won't get through it as quickly, and that's okay, however it's still super important that you stick to the tasks that get you the results.

Now, let me tell you what this program and system is not...
JUST So you know exactly what you're about to experience...

  • This is not a magical “insert Korean into your head while you sleep or do nothing” ridiculous gimmick
  • These are not just some Youtube videos thrown up without rhyme or reason that cover random bits of the language here and there without connecting to an overall plan
  • This is not some cookie-cutter software that will have you mindlessly gawking after words and sentences while giving very little explanations on how it all works
  • This is not the new latest greatest app on the market that promises to remove all the effort needed to learn a language and ultimately has you doing endless tasks, very few of which result in actual progress
  • These are not “cute” videos with super great editing cuts with the main teacher (me) playing different characters in an effort to create entertainment value to make up for lack of actual content
  • This is not just a bunch of a black-and-white text forcing you to read pages and pages just to learn one thing.
  • These videos do not involve long drawn out story-lines or conversations which make us feel nice but ultimately take twice as long as needed to get the info you need

Again, the mis-information, information overload due to lack of systems and mistaking “busy-ness” with progress has been going on long enough...

It's time for a solution that gets you actual results
without all the gimmicks.

When I first started learning more than a decade ago, I was forced to piece this language myself.

At the time I found it super frustrating and even came close to quitting, but that experience combined with my study and teaching-experience over the past decade is ultimately what gave me the unique insight I have into how the language works, and now...

My pain is your gain.

The successful language-acquisition patterns and principles I discovered and duplicated in this course give you the freedom to easily build an enjoyable daily-action plan that fits perfectly into your busy schedule and that will enable you make the biggest and fastest gains in the language for your time and effort, and to finally begin to hold the conversations you absolutely deserve.

This product is for men and women who are ready to stop bouncing from site to site and method to method, spinning their wheels while achieving slow progress if any at all.

In short, there are no “easy” answers or “shortcuts”.

Yet, there are “smart” ways to attack it and this program will make it as easy as it can possibly ever get.

So, if you're wanting the real answer to becoming conversational and eventually fluent in Korean then here's what you can expect:

  • Notice an immediate improvement in not only your understanding of Korean but your ability to speak it by the end of today...
  • Fire up your motivation by quickly realizing where and why you're methods of studying have been failing you and finally see the path to consistent improvement clearly laid out in front of you...
  • Impress your friends, family or any language partners you might have with not only your increased ability but your increased confidence when speaking...
  • Put an end to information overload and the frustration and overwhelm that come along with that...
  • Get crystal clear explanations of how the language works making the “learning” part of the process fun again...
  • And achieve the level of Korean you desire without having to sacrifice any other areas of your life just to create the time necessary to do it...

...and all for a measly SEVEN BUCKS!!

So if that sounds fair to you, then click on the big green, rectangular button just below that says "Register me with my 93% discount" and lock in your crazily-discounted price today, and let's work together to get your Korean rocking!

REGISTER ME NOW!!(for 93% off the regular tuition price)

When I came here, like you, I had no prior experience in Korean.  I was looking to learn, but had a lot of trouble finding any decent resources - books OR classes - that explained things very clearly.


(all included in your $7)

We’ve already talked about an important key to speaking a language well.

Well another really important “key” is learning the words that people actually use.

Shortcut your learning by not wasting any time learning stuff people don’t actually say.

These PDF word-lists give you:

  • the 300-most-common verbs used in Korean
  • the 200-most-common adjectives
  • the 400-most-common nouns
  • the 100-most-common adverbs

Above I talked about how “formal” Korean is not the most useful Korean you can learn in the beginning, and I really believe that to be true.

There is another way of speaking that is both polite and also very common. But!!...

That’s not to imply that learning how to speak “formally” in Korean isn’t important.

It’s just not what you should do first, not until you’ve got a good grasp on how Korean works and can start to let it happen a bit more naturally and without feeling overwhelmed, as you would if you tried to do it all in the beginning. And so when you’re ready for it, this mini video-course will walk you through exactly how to take what you’ve already learned and make it more formal.

Sometimes it requires using a completely different word, but most often it just requires the addition of one small “attachment” on the end of your verb.

Sounds simple enough, but it does require some practice and that’s what this guide and workbook is all about - getting you comfortable speaking formally in Korean.

Speaking a language is not just about words and sentences, it’s also about culture and mannerisms.

And just like in the spoken language, there are things you can do (or not do) that can offend people.

But the flipside of that is, if you do them, you will REALLY impress people with how you’ve taken to their culture, not just their language.

Seriously, one of the tips I’ll give you in this video mini-series was instrumental in my now father-in-law accepting me into the family and granting me permission to marry his daughter.

It’s that powerful!


(for THREE reasons actually)

The first reason is...

We've never met, this is the Internet (a medium in which a lot of
douchebags can get away with a lot of douchebaggery)
and so I get you can be a bit skeptical.

Seriously.  There is no shortage of people in this world who would do whatever it took to sell water to a fish (meaning sell something to someone that they clearly don't need and are not going to find helpful) and then laugh all the way to the bank.

That is not me.

I'm a teacher, and I'm genuinely here to help you.

But talk is cheap, and so I want to prove it to you.

I also get that you may not be completely convinced that *I* as a teacher can help you effectively.

Which I think is all very fair, which is why I feel...

Until you know me better, your decision to join this course or not should be as easy and stress-free as possible.

I don't want you stressing or humming and hawing over the cost to join, especially BEFORE you've even seen a full course and gotten to know me better.

It's not fair to ask, and so I'm not.

$7 is a GREAT deal for all of this.

The people who took the live in-class course with me when these videos were recorded each HAPPILY PAID $100 PER LEVEL to be there.

And because it was live and before I moved to the Internet, they DIDN'T get:

  • they DIDN'T GET the ability to go back and review the lecture as many times as they wanted
  • they didn't get any of the workbook practice pages you're getting
  • they didn't get mp3-file recordings of each lesson
  • they didn't get any of the extra freebies that come with this
  • and like I already mentioned, they CERTAINLY didn't get it for $7!!

People who took that course didn't get ANY of that extra stuff and were so happy after taking the course that they told their friends about it who told THEIR friends about it.

That's how the program grew in the beginning and t's the reason this course still exists today after a decade.

So that's the first reason you're getting all this for $7.  The second reason is...

I want you make ACTUAL progress with my help instead of
just spinning your wheels trying to learn this language
on your own (like so many other people do)

Honestly, I've been teaching Korean for more than a decade now and I've seen it time and time again.

People either just "say" they want to learn Korean but really just give lip-service to the idea without putting in any of the necessary info to do so.


They legitimately put in the effort but due to lack of a plan or efficient study methods, get very little results out of the work they put in.

I'm working on changing this.

As a teacher, as YOUR teacher, I feel it is my duty.

That is exactly why I've created and added the "Roadmap to Speaking Success": to help solve this problem and get people on a track of progress and actually get excited about it.

And last but not least...

Not only do I want to prove myself to you,
I want YOU to prove yourself to me (us).

As I mentioned before, we have a community of Korean-learners here I call "ROKstars".

I call them that 'cause I think they're awesome.

I think they're awesome 'cause (A) they're just all around good people, and (B) 'cause they've PROVEN they're committed.

The ROKstars are my current members and my
primary responsibility lies with them.

It is not only my job to provide them value and help along THEIR path…

…but it is also my job to act as "gatekeeper" and only let in people who are actually serious about learning and progressing their Korean, and who will contribute to the community in a positive manner.

How do I do that? Well...

I create tests that a person has to pass.

The first test, which you've already passed, is leaving your name and email to get started.

Not everyone does that. You did. Nice one. Whether you realize it or not, it means a lot to me.

And the second test is to charge a nominal fee for entry into our world.

Why do I do that?

I learned a long time ago that I love teaching.  BUT...

After teaching for a while and realizing that there are a lot of people who SAY they want to learn, there are very few who are actually willing to do what it takes to learn.

And so my definition changed.

While I still "like" teaching, I LOVE teaching people:

  • who actually WANT to be taught
  • who want to progress
  • and who are willing to put in the necessary effort it takes to do so

I love teaching them 'cause THEY are the ones who actually see results, which is what makes teaching so awesome.

And while I realize it's not a perfect system, I believe...

Evidence someone is serious about whatever it is
they're doing shows up in two places:

(1) it shows up in their schedule, meaning they actually spend TIME to improve the skill they want to learn.


(2) it shows up in their pocketbook, meaning they actually spend MONEY on the pursuit of their skill

Again, it's not a perfect system I realize, but it's what we've got.

We don't want EVERYONE in our group.  We want the ones who are serious and eager to help and be helped, and who have a bit of fun in the process.

That is what being a ROKstar is about.

And so now you're faced with the second test:

Spend a very small amount in exchange
for a very good amount of value.

(and because I believe ACTIONS speak louder than words)


As already mentioned, with registration this time you are getting  a "Roadmap to Speaking Success".

This is the first time I have ever included something like this because I want 2015 to be the year you (and others) smash it out of the park and get speaking Korean.

If you do as I instruct and follow the action steps laid out in that roadmap - and at your own pace is totally fine - finish the level and at the end DO NOT notice a significant improvement in your ability to understand and speak Korean...

(and again, I'm letting YOU DECIDE what "significant" means to you)

...then I will send you your original investment of $7 back, along with an extra $7 for having wasted your time.

But to be fair to the both of us, to receive the extra $7,  I WILL ask you to provide proof that you have indeed implemented the action steps I have given you.

Details on exactly how to do that will be included in your registration booster pack, but I think that's only fair (I am after all offering to PAY YOU for learning Korean).

And in the case that you DON'T follow my steps as I have laid them out but still find the course either not helpful or you're just not using it like you'd hoped...

YES, you absolutely 100% can still get a refund of your original $7.

If you're not happy with the course and its ability to streamline your path to fluency, you have a full 60-days to simply email me and ask for a refund.

In this case, I will not double your money back, but you ARE more than welcome to a full refund.

Again, if you don't feel I earned your seven bucks, I don't want it.

So if you would like to...

  • Experience an IMMEDIATE boost in your ability and confidence to speak Korean
  • Follow a proven, step-by-step plan to fluency
  • Cut the time it takes you in half
  • Achieve a goal you'll be proud of for the rest of your life
  • With the help and guidance of an experienced teacher who has been through what you're currently going through
  • All for the price of a coffee and bagel

...then click the big yellow button just below and
let's get your Korean rockin'!!

get started now

Registration Closes Sunday, February 1st (PST)

Additional thoughts/pieces

I'm arming you with the plan to get you to your speaking goals as quickly as possible (the Roadmap), the tools you need to implement that plan (the course), and the motivation to stay the path (The ROKstars).

So again...

  • whether you anyone to practice with or not
  • whether you have an hour a day or only 10 minutes a day can do this!

On my own daughter and family, I feel so strongly that this will help you that if you follow this plan and don't see significant results then I you have my word that I will DOUBLE your money back just for trying.

I'm arming you with the plan to get you to your speaking goals as quickly as possible (the Roadmap), the tools you need to implement that plan (the course), and the motivation to stay the path (The ROKstars).

So again...

  • whether you anyone to practice with or not
  • whether you have an hour a day or only 10 minutes a day can do this!