Recent developments and one eye-opening "realization" in particular have lead to some major changes here at KDA, and
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Just because this is 93% OFF the regular price, does NOT mean we are shortcutting anything.  In fact, we are actually ADDING something totally new that I think you'll find very helpful: Your "Roadmap to Speaking Success"

Hi future ROKstar, <--- that's the name of our group

My name's Rob and I'm gonna be completely honest: I am trying to make you an offer you can't refuse.

I'll explain more down below about exactly why (and the ridiculous amount of Korean-boosting stuff you're getting with this), but first...

Please note these three important things:

  • for only a one-time payment of $7, you're getting YEAR-LONG ACCESS to one level of the full course that currently goes for $75 at regular price if purchased on its own.

That's 93% percent off the regular price, which is crazy enough on its own, and then throw in all the other stuff you're getting, what can I say, this really is a very good deal and very worth checking out.


  • This offer is available until DATE.

I really do want you to take me up on this 'cause I KNOW I can help you, and since you've made it to this page I know you're serious about learning the language, and so I WANT to help you.

So if this sounds interesting in any way at all, then I would suggest you take a few minutes and find out exactly why this is so awesome before it goes away.

  • Above I referred to these classes as "The Best on the Net"...

That is in quotes because those are not my words but the words of people who have studied the course here with me and actually feel that way.

Here (just below) is a message I got from a guy named Dave Tonetti who, when it comes to languages, is not really just "a guy" at all.

In fact, he is a language professor at Seoul University - easily Korea's best and most prestigious university.

So as you check out this page and everything that's available I urge you, do NOT take my word for any of it.

But feel free to take his, and the words of the many other people whose opinions you'll find on this page.

They are 100% real and were sent to me with excitement because of how I was able to help them make sense of and progress in what many consider to be a seemingly "difficult" language.

"I have taken many Korean courses and this is the best one I have ever taken."

Dave Tonetti
Seoul University Language Professor


Almost 10 years ago now, I graduated university with a major in mathematics. I moved west and spent a winter skiing and working part time in the Canadian Rockies. The following summer, September of 2003 to be exact, I moved here to Korea.

When I came here, like you, I had no prior experience in Korean.  I was looking to learn, but had a lot of trouble finding any decent resources - books OR classes - that explained things very clearly.

In the early part of my time here there were no classes offered in my city, and when one finally did open, it had the same problem a lot of the books had - it tended to teach everything in super formal Korean, which is fine, but really NOT the most useful Korean you can learn.

At the time, I must admit, I found it pretty frustrating.

But looking back on it, I'm glad it worked out that way 'cause through some admittedly hard trial and error, it allowed me to put things together myself and come up with a system for learning.

Then after about two and a half years into my stay here in Korea, I was fairly conversational and had a lot of people - other teachers here - coming up to me with very similar questions, saying things like...

Hey, do you know where I can find some decent books? All the ones I’ve got suck (excuse my lack of formality here^^) and it’s getting kind of frustrating.

After hearing that enough times over and over from different people, it hit me one night that maybe I should try teaching the classes.

I really didn’t know if I was good enough or not but I did know the fact I went through exactly what they were going through and could definitely be of some help, and I knew I could explain things better than they had been explained to me!

So I put a message up on the online forum for expats in our city and started asking around to see who might be interested - basically just got the ball rolling.

And once the class had filled up (there were about 15 people in that first class) and it became real that I was going to teach Korean, I gotta admit...I WAS SCARED!!

But, I was committed, and so we did it, and for the most part I think it was a success.

Not because of how I felt it went necessarily, but because it was good enough that the people in that first class liked it so much that they encouraged other people to join.

And then those people encouraged even more people to join and the course basically ran for the next two and a half years until I moved to neighbouring city (after marrying my wife).

The advantage I’d say I have is that Korean people, although their hearts are in the right place and they really want to help, just growing up “knowing” their language, and don’t really know the building blocks we as beginners need to help us get from knowing nothing to making sense of it all and ultimately becoming conversational and eventually fluent.

And that’s where I come in...

"I have taken many Korean courses and this is the best one I have ever taken."

Dave Tonetti
Seoul University Language Professor

Fast-forwarding to today, you'd think with so much more information being available on the
Internet that things would've improved, but'd be wrong.


These days, with how cheap and easy it is to set up a website, the natural thought is that so much more info can be shared and that learning will be a breeze.

But unfortunately the complete opposite is true, for two reasons...

One, now any joe-blow and his dog can set up a site and start “teaching” (I use that term VERY loosely).

Now you’ve you gotta sift through lots of different sites to find one that’s actually decent and doesn’t just throw a bunch of words and sentences at you (in no particular order or system) and expect you to just rotely memorize them.

And the second reason things are so much worse now is...

With so many sites "teaching" Korean we get so caught up in taking in more and more and more info before we can even produce the info we already have with any decent fluency or confidence.

And all this info without a plan or frame to fit into is EXACTLY where overwhelm comes from.

It's where confusion comes from.

It's where frustration comes from…

I really wish I had a dollar for the amount of times I've heard in my life, "I know it, I just can't get it to come out".

And then add on top of that all the apps and latest whiz-bang gadgets helping us "shortcut" the process.

Uploading memory lists, downloading flashcards, mindlessly repeating after cookie-cutter softwares - we start tricking ourselves into thinking that these latest technology-aided "methods" will eliminate the need for us to do the WORK required.

Well it's wrong.  They do not replace that need.

All it does is cause us to confuse "activity" with "progress", and actually slow down our results.

I actually make a point of communicating with students of our program and one question I ask is...

“What other sites/resources have you tried,
and what did you think of them?”

These are the problems I hear most often about these other sites, and if you’ve been trying to learn for any amount of time,  you probably know exactly what I’m talking about...

“I really liked your Korean classes; it was the only time I studied Korean and felt there was a logic to it and a system to the teaching.  I felt you could understand English-speakers' problems learning Korean.”

Melanie Steyn
Suncheon University Language Professor

(but fear not!)


Despite what most people, books, sites, and classes will have you believe...

Korean is NOT difficult!!

Sure there are things that are “different” than in English, but different does not have to mean difficult, as long as you get it explained in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

Earlier I mentioned that I came up with a “system” for learning Korean.

Now, please trust me when I say that I don’t mention that to sound smart or cool or for any other reason than to let you know that...

There IS a system...

  ...a very sound, logical,
and learnable system.

I also mentioned that it took me 10 months to become conversational, and that’s because not only did I have to learn it, I actually had to figure it out first!

Seriously, the first book I ever liked studying Korean from was a small little pocket-sized book that was actually meant for studying English.

On one side it had 20 very similar sentence patterns in English and on the other side it had all the translations in Korean.

Before I tell you how I went about studying from this, let me be very clear about the fact that...

I never memorized a single sentence.

Instead, I literally sat down and copied out each line of Korean on paper and as I did, looked for patterns in them.

Once I found something, I’d double check it with my boss or coteachers, and once I had figured every thing out I needed (the structures, etc), I would pull all the vocab out I could.

I would then memorize the vocabulary AND memorize the rules, the structures, the stuff I needed to UNDERSTAND to be able to formulate my OWN sentences no matter what vocabulary I was given.

And let me tell you something...

Memorizing 20 words and two rules is WAY
easier than memorizing 40 full sentences!

And not only was it easier, but because of the “understanding” I had of the language, with each new page I studied, the amount I knew and could say did not grow linearly (meaning 1 +1 +1 +1...), it compounded...

'Cause if I know only 10 nouns, tens adjectives and ten verbs, I can say ONE THOUSAND different sentences!!

...again, all of this through understanding and a relatively tiny amount of memorization.

Now I know most people hate math so this is the last you’ll see of it here, but add 30 more verbs and 10 more sentence structures on top of that and how many sentences can you say then?

Shit, I like math and I don’t even wanna figure that out!

The point is...

It’s your quickest route to becoming
conversational in Korean.

Anyways, the point of all this is...

As I kept going with my studies, I started to realize what I’d heard so many people say about Korean - it is actually a VERY logical and systematic language.

And the best part is, because I had to go through and figure it out like that, I discovered that system.

I know it sounds super cheesy...but I cracked the code of Korean! (haha, told you it sounded cheesy)

And although it took me 10 months to get conversational, now that I know what I know and I can see it from the other side (the side of someone already having gone through and learned it), I can honestly say that if you apply yourself, you can be conversational in Korean in as little as 3 months.

And that is exactly what this course is all about:

To give people the understanding and the tools to shave a ton of time off of their learning curve and become conversational in Korean in a third of the time it took me.

As I mentioned above, I survey people in the class. Well another question I ask people is...

 “What specifically do you like about this class?”

Here are the most common answers I get...

“I really liked your Korean classes; it was the only time I studied Korean and felt there was a logic to it and a system to the teaching.  I felt you could understand English-speakers' problems learning Korean.”

Melanie Steyn
Suncheon University Language Professor


(and how it's going to help you)


(all included in your $7)

We’ve already talked about an important key to speaking a language well.

Well another really important “key” is learning the words that people actually use.

Shortcut your learning by not wasting any time learning stuff people don’t actually say.

These PDF word-lists give you:

  • the 300-most-common verbs used in Korean
  • the 200-most-common adjectives
  • the 400-most-common nouns
  • the 100-most-common adverbs

Above I talked about how “formal” Korean is not the most useful Korean you can learn in the beginning, and I really believe that to be true.

There is another way of speaking that is both polite and also very common. But!!...

That’s not to imply that learning how to speak “formally” in Korean isn’t important.

It’s just not what you should do first, not until you’ve got a good grasp on how Korean works and can start to let it happen a bit more naturally and without feeling overwhelmed, as you would if you tried to do it all in the beginning. And so when you’re ready for it, this mini video-course will walk you through exactly how to take what you’ve already learned and make it more formal.

Sometimes it requires using a completely different word, but most often it just requires the addition of one small “attachment” on the end of your verb.

Sounds simple enough, but it does require some practice and that’s what this guide and workbook is all about - getting you comfortable speaking formally in Korean.

Speaking a language is not just about words and sentences, it’s also about culture and mannerisms.

And just like in the spoken language, there are things you can do (or not do) that can offend people.

But the flipside of that is, if you do them, you will REALLY impress people with how you’ve taken to their culture, not just their language.

Seriously, one of the tips I’ll give you in this video mini-series was instrumental in my now father-in-law accepting me into the family and granting me permission to marry his daughter.

It’s that powerful!

When it comes to speaking Korean, there really is only ONE crucial skill we need to develop:

We want our brains to think it, and then our mouths to be able say it.  And ideally without too much delay - or thought - in between.  <--- that's really the varying shades of fluency in a nutshell.

And once we know that, it then becomes clear that there is very specific action that needs to be taken to build this crucial skill.

But as I mentioned before, with so many sites "teaching" Korean and all the apps and softwares designed to "help" us, it's easy to end up with "info overload".

We confuse "activity" with progress.

We pile more info on top even before we acquired the skill to actually PRODUCE a sentence with any decent fluency or confidence using the info we've already learned.

This "Roadmap" will help alleviate that.

It will get you focused on a path to immediate improvement and fluency if you stick with it.

And do not worry, this does NOT require putting in hours upon hours upon hours a day that we just don't have.

It can be done is as little or as much time as you can afford to put it.

'Cause it's about progress.

Actually progress.

Learning smart, and then applying the necessary steps and effort to actually master what you learn so you can not only produce it out of your mouth when you want to, but retain it for use down the road.


(for THREE reasons actually)

The first reason is...

We've never met, this is the Internet (a medium in which a lot of
douchebags can get away with a lot of douchebaggery)
and so I get you can be a bit skeptical.

Seriously.  There is no shortage of people in this world who would do whatever it took to sell water to a fish (meaning sell something to someone that they clearly don't need and are not going to find helpful) and then laugh all the way to the bank.

That is not me.

I'm a teacher, and I'm genuinely here to help you.

But talk is cheap, and so I want to prove it to you.

I also get that you may not be completely convinced that *I* as a teacher can help you effectively.

Which I think is all very fair, which is why I feel...

Until you know me better, your decision to join this course or not should be as easy and stress-free as possible.

I don't want you stressing or humming and hawing over the cost to join, especially BEFORE you've even seen a full course and gotten to know me better.

It's not fair to ask, and so I'm not.

$7 is a GREAT deal for all of this.

The people who took the live in-class course with me when these videos were recorded each HAPPILY PAID $100 PER LEVEL to be there.

And because it was live and before I moved to the Internet, they DIDN'T get:

  • they DIDN'T GET the ability to go back and review the lecture as many times as they wanted
  • they didn't get any of the workbook practice pages you're getting
  • they didn't get mp3-file recordings of each lesson
  • they didn't get any of the extra freebies that come with this
  • and like I already mentioned, they CERTAINLY didn't get it for $7!!

People who took that course didn't get ANY of that extra stuff and were so happy after taking the course that they told their friends about it who told THEIR friends about it.

That's how the program grew in the beginning and t's the reason this course still exists today after a decade.

So that's the first reason you're getting all this for $7.  The second reason is...

I want you make ACTUAL progress with my help instead of
just spinning your wheels trying to learn this language
on your own (like so many other people do)

Honestly, I've been teaching Korean for more than a decade now and I've seen it time and time again.

People either just "say" they want to learn Korean but really just give lip-service to the idea without putting in any of the necessary info to do so.


They legitimately put in the effort but due to lack of a plan or efficient study methods, get very little results out of the work they put in.

I'm working on changing this.

As a teacher, as YOUR teacher, I feel it is my duty.

That is exactly why I've created and added the "Roadmap to Speaking Success": to help solve this problem and get people on a track of progress and actually get excited about it.

And last but not least...

Not only do I want to prove myself to you,
I want YOU to prove yourself to me (us).

As I mentioned before, we have a community of Korean-learners here I call "ROKstars".

I call them that 'cause I think they're awesome.

I think they're awesome 'cause (A) they're just all around good people, and (B) 'cause they've PROVEN they're committed.

The ROKstars are my current members and my
primary responsibility lies with them.

It is not only my job to provide them value and help along THEIR path…

…but it is also my job to act as "gatekeeper" and only let in people who are actually serious about learning and progressing their Korean, and who will contribute to the community in a positive manner.

How do I do that? Well...

I create tests that a person has to pass.

The first test, which you've already passed, is leaving your name and email to get started.

Not everyone does that. You did. Nice one. Whether you realize it or not, it means a lot to me.

And the second test is to charge a nominal fee for entry into our world.

Why do I do that?

I learned a long time ago that I love teaching.  BUT...

After teaching for a while and realizing that there are a lot of people who SAY they want to learn, there are very few who are actually willing to do what it takes to learn.

And so my definition changed.

While I still "like" teaching, I LOVE teaching people:

  • who actually WANT to be taught
  • who want to progress
  • and who are willing to put in the necessary effort it takes to do so

I love teaching them 'cause THEY are the ones who actually see results, which is what makes teaching so awesome.

And while I realize it's not a perfect system, I believe...

Evidence someone is serious about whatever it is
they're doing shows up in two places:

(1) it shows up in their schedule, meaning they actually spend TIME to improve the skill they want to learn.


(2) it shows up in their pocketbook, meaning they actually spend MONEY on the pursuit of their skill

Again, it's not a perfect system I realize, but it's what we've got.

We don't want EVERYONE in our group.  We want the ones who are serious and eager to help and be helped, and who have a bit of fun in the process.

That is what being a ROKstar is about.

And so now you're faced with the second test:

Spend a very small amount in exchange
for a very good amount of value.

(and because I believe ACTIONS speak louder than words)


As already mentioned, with registration this time you are getting  a "Roadmap to Speaking Success".

This is the first time I have ever included something like this because I want 2015 to be the year you (and others) smash it out of the park and get speaking Korean.

If you do as I instruct and follow the action steps laid out in that roadmap - and at your own pace is totally fine - finish the level and at the end DO NOT notice a significant improvement in your ability to understand and speak Korean...

(and again, I'm letting YOU DECIDE what "significant" means to you)

...then I will send you your original investment of $7 back, along with an extra $7 for having wasted your time.

But to be fair to the both of us, to receive the extra $7,  I WILL ask you to provide proof that you have indeed implemented the action steps I have given you.

Details on exactly how to do that will be included in your registration booster pack, but I think that's only fair (I am after all offering to PAY YOU for learning Korean).

And in the case that you DON'T follow my steps as I have laid them out but still find the course either not helpful or you're just not using it like you'd hoped...

YES, you absolutely 100% can still get a refund of your original $7.

If you're not happy with the course and its ability to streamline your path to fluency, you have a full 60-days to simply email me and ask for a refund.

In this case, I will not double your money back, but you ARE more than welcome to a full refund.

Again, if you don't feel I earned your seven bucks, I don't want it.

So if you would like to...

  • Experience an IMMEDIATE boost in your ability and confidence to speak Korean
  • Follow a proven, step-by-step plan to fluency
  • Cut the time it takes you in half
  • Achieve a goal you'll be proud of for the rest of your life
  • With the help and guidance of an experienced teacher who has been through what you're currently going through
  • All for the price of a coffee and bagel

...then click the big yellow button just below and
let's get your Korean rockin'!!

get started now

Registration Closes Sunday, February 1st (PST)

Additional thoughts/pieces

I'm arming you with the plan to get you to your speaking goals as quickly as possible (the Roadmap), the tools you need to implement that plan (the course), and the motivation to stay the path (The ROKstars).

So again...

  • whether you anyone to practice with or not
  • whether you have an hour a day or only 10 minutes a day can do this!

On my own daughter and family, I feel so strongly that this will help you that if you follow this plan and don't see significant results then I you have my word that I will DOUBLE your money back just for trying.

I'm arming you with the plan to get you to your speaking goals as quickly as possible (the Roadmap), the tools you need to implement that plan (the course), and the motivation to stay the path (The ROKstars).

So again...

  • whether you anyone to practice with or not
  • whether you have an hour a day or only 10 minutes a day can do this!