As a way to say "Thank you" for being a valued member of KDA

Lock in your current tuition price for Live Practice Sessions
for as many future levels as you would like
before tuition prices increase in 2015

(a potential savings of $431.50)

PLEASE NOTE: any and all pre-purchased levels can be used at ANY time in the future (with no time limit) and if are not used, are 100% refundable

Hey ROKstar.

On Sunday, January 4th, KDA tuition prices are going up from $225/level to $300/level, but you NEVER have to be affected by this if you don't want to.

Because you are already a valued member of KDA, I would like to show my gratitude and give you the opportunity to LOCK IN YOUR CURRENT PRICES so you can continuing attending KDA at the original tuition price and never get affected by this increase.

And on top of that, SAVE AN ADDITIONAL 5-15% OFF your current tuition rate.

So if you're sure that you'll be taking AT LEAST ONE more class here at KDA, then read on as this really is a very good deal.

THINGS you need to know about this:

FIRST: You are able and welcome to pre-purchase (at your CURRENT tuition rate) as few or as many levels now as you would like.

So for example, if you're currently in level #1 and would like to lock in your lower tuition rate for L2, L3 and L4, then you can do that.  Or if you'd prefer to just get L2 'cause you're not sure what the future holds, well that's fine too.

AND it's worth noting as well that the more levels you pre-purchase, the more you will save (up to a total of $431.50).  Details on that below.

SECOND: There is NO TIME LIMIT on how soon you have to use any pre-purchased levels.

Literally ANY time you're ready to jump in and use it, you can.  So even if you're only on level #1 right now and purchasing credit for L4 may seem silly 'cause it's so far away, you can LOCK IN THE PRICE NOW and then USE IT WHENEVER YOU WANT.  Again, no time limit.

THIRD: Any and all "UN-USED" LEVELS ARE 100% REFUNDABLE ANY TIME, no matter how far in the future.

You're locking in your tuition cost, yes, but if you don't end up using it, that doesn't mean you should have to pay for it.  So any levels that you don't actually end up using ARE refundable.


A level will be considered "used" once you start it.  It's totally up to you WHEN you jump in and start, but once you do, it will be considered "used" and non-refundable.  But as I've done with many students in the past, if while in the course life does happen to get in the way, I am more than happy to put portions of levels on hold and let you come back to them when you actually have the time to put in the effort needed.

FOURTH: the more your pre-purchase, the more you will save (up to a max of $431.50).

Here's some super sweet math to show you what I mean and exactly how much you can save...

 This really is a very good deal and if you've been enjoying the classes and plan on continuing to higher levels, then I recommend you give this some serious thought.  You can SAVE YOURSELF A LOT OF MONEY, and since any "un-used" portions are refundable, you really have nothing to lose.

BUT, I do realize it is potentially a good amount of money up front and so definitely sleep on it if you'd like and if you have any further questions you'd like to ask before making a decision, PLEASE don't hesitate to get in touch.

But again, this IS only available until January 4th.  After that, prices go up and there is no going back.

So give it some thought and let me know.

And when you're ready, click the yellow button
just below  to lock in your current tuition rate

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Offer valid until Sunday, January 4th