Book a Speaking-Practice Session

These are targeted speaking-sessions with one of our Korean teachers.  More details below!

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Speaking-Practice Session
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Speaking-Practice Session


  • NOTE #1: The slides in your 'Language Booster Pack'

    For the practice sessions, you will use the slides that come in your Language Booster Pack (for each class), so feel free to check those out for a glimpse into how things are run.

  • NOTE #2: For best results, prepare in advance!

    As outlined in the “Roadmap to Speaking Success”, speaking practice with a partner is best done only AFTER you have done the necessary preparations including familiarizing yourself with the material as best you can; that way you can really focus on improving your pronunciation and fluency without the teacher having to spend too much time explaining things.  Think of it like a marathon running showing up to a race without having done any training prior – probably won’t get the best result!