Instructions for  Scheduling Your Speaking-Practice Session:

Step 1: Make Payment

You should have already done this so I won't go on too much here about it. But if you haven't, please visit this page and do that first.

Step #2: Submit Your "Availability"

PLEASE NOTE: to help things go smoothly, it is important you follow these instructions exactly.

1) First, compose an email with the subject line "My Availability for Speaking Practice Session"

2) In the body of your email, list your city (or time zone) so we can schedule properly.

3) Then put the times you are available to have your speaking-practice session.

For this step, it is important that you give me ALL the times that you are available (and willing) to have class in a week, as per the example just below.

4) Also make sure to include the week that you are hoping to have the practice session in. Typically we do not book sessions any less than 3 days in advance, so that we can give your teacher time to prepare (and us time to organize it).


CITY: Seoul, Korea

Mon: 5-9pm
Tues: 2-4pm
Wed: not available
Thurs: 9am-12pm

*Hoping to have class next week (the week of June 24th)

NOTE: this is just an example; put whatever times work for you

And that's it! Once I receive the email, I will respond letting you know that I'm working on it, so if you don't hear from me