CLASS #15:
"The Nuts and Bolts" - Part Two

Hi, and welcome back.

Today's class is the second of our mini-series where we learn the skill we need most to be able to speak Korean at a higher level.

Again, although these classes will be quite heavy in content, really the only thing you should take away from it (if you're finding it a bit overwhelming) is how to change your verb from its base/root form to its 'changed' form for each particular group of verbs, in this case, the 'ah-verbs'.

Let's begin, shall we?

Video #15a: Review/Test of last class

Video #15b: The Vocab

Video #15c: The Reading

Video #15d: A few more attachments, etc

Video #15e: 'Ah-verbs'

Video #15f: Our Q&A Session

Hopefully that all makes sense, but if there's something that isn't quite clear, leave your question(s) on the facebook page and I'll try to have it answered as soon as I can.

Don't have facebook? No worries, you can also just email me at

Thanks, and I'll see you real soon!


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