This pack contains all accompanying material including the handout / lesson we use in the videos (that you will need to follow along), workbook exercises, mp3 files, etc.  Make sure to download it, and if possible, print out the lesson so you can follow along perfectly with the videos below.

Class #31b

Appointments and Promises (part 2)

Video #31b-1: VOCAB

Video #31b-2: The talk about a plan that has been made (하기로 했다)

Video #31b-3: The Past Continuous (하고 있었다)

Video #31b-4: more on 'Intentions' (~하려먼...)

Video #31b-5: Expressing Regrets ("I should have..." / ~했어야 하는데)

Video #31b-6: More on regrets (If I had(n't)...I would(n't) have... / ~했으면...했을텐데)

Video #31b-7: General Translation

That's it for our second class of level #4!  If there's something that isn't quite clear, leave your question(s) on the facebook page or email me and I'll try to clear it up for you as soon as I can.  Otherwise, practice up and I'll speak to you very soon!