Class Ten Introduction

A Very Useful Skill: be able to ask for exactly
how much of something you would like

(4 classes away from the Nuts n' Bolts)

Hey, and welcome back.

Today's class is aimed at saving both you and the retailer, barmaid, server - whoever might be serving you - a few awkward moments and wasted words. 'Cause by know you probably know how to ask for something, but if you walk in and ask for "beer", for example, they're inevitably going to ask you how much you'd like (and probably what kind as well).

So save yourself a bit of time and awkward pauses as you wonder what she (or he) just asked you, and learn how to say exactly how much of something you'd like. That's what today's class will show you how to do.

Secondly, I just wanted to remind you that very very soon we're going to be getting into "level 2" of this class and it's really going to get you speaking.

Starting next class, we're going to begin learning how to speak in the past tense (super useful), and then two classes from now, we're going to learn our first group of verbs - and a bunch of verbs to boot - so come the end of two classes from now, you literally could multiply what you can say now by at least 10x (now we know four verbs, but we'll learn at least 10 verbs in two classes from now, plus how to say those, plus almost everything we already know in two tenses).

But, that being said, to get to that next class, we gotta finish this class. So let's get started...

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