Closing Comments (Class Twelve)

Alright, I hope that was okay!

I don't know if I stressed it enough in the video, but the main focus on this class would be to memorize as many verbs as you can, and know how to conjugate them.

The conjugation (changing from the base form to the 'changed' form) will be the skill that you'll need for the next part of Korean, and what the first third of level #2 will focus on.

If there's something that isn't quite clear, leave your question(s) on the facebook page and I'll try to have it answered as soon as I can.

Take care, and I'll see you soon,


P.S. Ha-da verbs are significant enough that I actually decided to focus two classes on them, so next class will be an extension of this one where we'll learn how we can actually speak in two more grammatical forms just through context, not by learning anything new (nice!!).  See you then!

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