Class Twelve Introduction

Today is where it all starts to get fun, and if you stick with it, your Korean starts to get good!

Hi again!

I know I've been saying the 'Nuts and Bolts' of Korean were a few classes away, but today is actually where it kind of unofficially starts.

Todays' class is the first one where we won't be focusing on a particular verb, rather a particular group of verbs that are very common, and all conjugate the same way - which is great, 'cause that means that we only have to learn this once and then any verbs/adjectives you learn in the future that belong to this group, you'll automatically know how to use and apply them.

I guess the reason I didn't originally consider this class part of the 'Nuts and Bolt's is because it's not a 'regular' group of verbs, meaning it doesn't necessarily follow the same rules that the other groups will, but these are so common and useful that really, they should be considered in there.

That's all I'm going to say about them for now. Let's find out what these 'ha-da' verbs are all about...

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