Class Seventeen Introduction

The Nuts and Bolts - Part Four

Hi, and welcome back!

I think we're starting to get the pattern of the clock and how the pattern works, so today I've decided to do a couple groups together. Also, in terms of the verbs I use regularly in my every day life, there really aren't that many in these groups, so that's another reason I decided to put them together.

But that being said, this class in NOT light in material. There is a lot of it.

Now, I really don't expect you to have to take all of it in, but what I wanted to do was to give you a glimpse into what we're getting into next, and why it's so important that we know how to do these conjugations, so I've introduced a few new sentence structures, including the future and present perfect tenses.

Again, take in what you can. Above all, understanding how to conjugate the verbs is the most important thing, and any thing else at this point is just bonus.

But, this class is long, so I won't waste any more time here. Let's get to the vids...

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