Class Two Introduction

Learn the rest of everything you will ever need to know to be able
to read literally every word you will ever see in Korean

Hey, and welcome back! So this class is basically an extension of the first class...

Today we're going to learn the rest of everything you need to know to literally be able to read and write everything you will ever see in Korean.

Specifically we're going to cover how to read the vowel combinations, sounds of double-consonants, consonants in the final position of a block, and then just mention a few things about some other consonants that we'll want to keep on the backburner for later classes when we're working on pronunciation.

One thing I'll say about these (and I'll address further in the videos) is that a significant number of people tend to get stuck on these and really stunt their progress because of it, and so I encourage you to stay positive, focus on progress over perfection, and we can work through it together.

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