Class Three Introduction

Learn a valuable tool that'll enable you to learn ANY vocab
you need just by pointing and asking

Hi, and welcome to the first class where the focus will be on how to SPEAK Korean (not just how to read and write it)!!

Please note that from this class onward, in your downloadable language booster pack, there is now a workbook that you can use to practice and consolidate the concepts you'll be learning in class, and each class moving forward. So make sure you check that out (after going through the videos). I think you'll find it a very big help.

And for the last time I'm going to say, to get the most out of the remainder of these classes, IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT THAT you are able to read and write.

So if you can't do that yet, then I would encourage you to spend some time and effort and get that done. It will serve you so much better for the rest of these classes.

And conversely, not doing so will hinder your progress quite a bit as we don't use any phonetics in this class 'cause I believe it's a terribly inefficient way to learn. And on top of that, it can also be frustrating for your classmates who have put in the time and effort and learned how to do it.

Again, speed is not important, but a definite associate between a character and the sound it makes is. So get that done, then watch/study these classes, and from here on out, it's gonna be all about speaking, and lots of it!

With that said, let's get into class #3!

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