Class Four Introduction

Learn Arguably One of the Most Useful Skills You
Can Have in Any Language - How to Count!

Hi, and welcome back!

I hope the last class went well for you and you're ready to learn what some have said is "the most useful thing they learned".

I gotta admit...the numbers, although fairly easy to learn, memorize, and use to count, are not necessarily easy when it comes to dealing with and counting in terms of money.

First of all, the way they build is just different enough to make it very confusing sometimes (although there are similarities which I'll get into in the videos and use to relate the two), and it often takes time to build up any kind of speed saying and understanding prices in Korean. I think you'll understand what I mean a little better once you get into the fourth video of the class.

Now I don't say that to discourage you in any way (learning to count to 10 and use smaller numbers is actually pretty easy), just to point out that...

Similar to the reading, speed is secondary at this point. Because they do form differently, just focus on understanding how they build, and you can work on your speed and fluency as your Korean progresses.

I'm not going to say too much about that now. I'll just let you watch the videos and after, if there's anything you need cleared up, you can always ask a question me about it. Okay?

Alright, let's begin!

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