Class Eight Introduction

Double Your Verb Count Today With Two More Of The Most Common Verbs You'll Ever Hear and Use


Today we're moving into two new (and also REALLY COMMON) verbs, 있다 and 없다. If you don't know these words yet, once you learn them I promise you you'll hear (and use) them all the time.

I tried to keep today's class fairly simple, basically just introducing the verbs, talking about the conjugation of them, and keeping our sentence really, really simple. The reason being, the sentence we're learning today actually goes somewhat against the "book-end theory" that we've talked about, and will form a little bit differently, although we'll see this more in the next class than in today's class.

Okay, let's get into it. Please note that the 'review' is a little long 'cause now that we're moving into some new verbs, I wanted to give a decent review of the stuff we've learned up to this point.


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