Class Nine Introduction

Make Your Life (in a supermarket and elsewhere) a
Whole Lot Easier with One Simple Question

Hi again,

Before we begin, I'd just like to mention a couple things...

First, today's class is actually quite a content-rich one. Up to now, each class has only focused on one sentence style - one question and one answer - but today is a little different. It is only focusing on one concept, but in this one, the sentence order will change up a little bit from the question to the answer. So although a lot is going be thrown at you, the same as in previous classes, if it's all a bit overwhelming, just skim it down to the main principles and learn those. And I'll talk more about that in the videos.

The second thing is, I just wanted to mention that we are now only 4 classes away from when we really get into the 'nuts and bolts' of Korean. So far the goal has been to get you "comfortable" with Korean - understand and feel comfortable with reading and writing, the sentence structure, be aware of the 'attachments' and the way they work, and to get some useful phrases that you'll be sure to use a lot.

But starting very soon, we're going to dive into learning a skill which I believe to be the key to becoming conversational in Korean. I don't think it's difficult as much as it just takes practice. But "level 2" of this class is all about getting you that skill.

Also, so far we've only dealt with a few verbs, and that has been on purpose. But starting soon we'll be diving into all sorts of new verbs and how they work, meaning you'll have lots of new ways to express yourself and things to say.

And the nice part is, apart from being able to read and write, and understanding and being aware of a few basic concepts like the sentence order and a few of the main attachments, you don't really need to know anything from "level 1" to be able to jump into "level 2." Like I say, the purpose of level 1 was just to get you comfortable with Korean, and now that you are, we can really focus on going deeper and learning how to speak more.

But anyways, that is still a few classes away, so let's stay focused on this stuff for now and get it under our belts first. Onto the first video...

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