1. Memorize the past and future structures and the form of verb they use, i.e. 'changed' or 'unchanged' (from previous lesson titled "Some Important Concepts")

  2. Memorize the "Korean Prayer" (from the last video)

  3. Complete the activities from chapter #1 of the workbook

  4. Familiarize yourself (or memorize) the following vocabulary to be used in chapter #2 (mp3 files can be found in the language booster pack) 

보다 (to see)

좋다 (to be good)

놀다 (to play / hang out)

나오다 (to come out)

높다 (to be high)

오다 (to come)

PLEASE NOTE: I know it will be tempting to just skip these steps and move on, but I promise you that completing them all will serve you VERY well for the remainder of the program, and your Korean-learning journey.

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