Chapter Three Homework

  1. Memorize the conjugation rules we learned in chapter #3.

  2. Complete the activities from chapter #3 of the workbook, making sure you understand each step as you do.

  3. As I talked about in the homework video in chapter #2, this step is to now prove it to yourself you understand it (by being able to complete the verb charts without looking), and then make your sheet of paper you will carry with you for the next day or two and use that paper to PRACTICE until it becomes more automatic and easy to say.

  4. Familiarize yourself (or memorize) with the following vocabulary to be used in chapter #4.

춥다 (to be cold)

바꾸다 (to change)

아름답다 (to be beautiful)

울다 (to cry)

웃다 (to laugh / smile)

쉽다 (to be easy)

죽다 (to die)

주다 (to give)

어렵다 (to be difficult)

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