Class One Introduction

Learn the single most valuable skill you can have to help you learn Korean as quickly as possible, when you're just starting out

Welcome to class #1 of Korean Digital Academy. They say that Korean is a very "logical" and "scientific" language and they're absolutely right. However to best take advantage of that logic when learning the language, it helps immensely to see (and understand) things written in Korean, which is why we recommend your very first step in learning be to learn how to read and write.

The fortunate part of this is that learning to read and write Korean, despite what many think when they first start out, is actually relatively simple. Put in the effort and you can be reading by the end of the day. Seriously, some have done it after only a few hours!

That's all I'll say for now but be sure to watch all of the videos in this class for full and complete instructions, and if you have any questions at the end of it, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

To your future Korean-speaking self!


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