The Key to Improvement and Retention

Please note:

This may be the most important video in the entire program as it addresses the final and most crucial step to help you not only learn the information, but RETAIN the information, and to help you actually speak it better.

A lot of people make the mistake of leaving this step out in their learning process, and it is my (humble) opinion that it is the root cause of people putting in effort but not seeing significant results, or not being able to recall information "they've learned" at a later date.

And for anyone interested... learning my exact process I use to take the information I learn and ensure I develop my ability actually SAY it, we have an entire program dedicated to that called the 21-day Speaking Challenge.  

We do a deep-dive on my method and guarantee you improve your speaking fluency, confidence, and retention.  That is in fact the program I recommend everyone here at KDA do first, so that we're not just "learning" the language, but  learning to SPEAK the language!

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