Starting with a note this time…

PLEASE NOTE: Something highly embarrassing that you'll notice in the vocab video is that I translated 인도 as Indonesia, and then even more embarrassing is that in another video further down I talk about the Taj Mahal being in Indonsesia, which clearly it is not. *hangs head in shame*

I think I must've got thrown off when I was shooting these videos by the fact that Emily not only talks about Indonesia in her target answer this class, but also did in an earlier class and so I must have just had it stuck in my head that she was STILL talking about that, which clearly she is not.

That's what I like to think happened anyways. And you'd think I would've realized my error when I started talking about one of the most famous landmarks in the ENTIRE world being in the completely wrong country but, well, like I said, highly embarrassing.^^ But hey, at least I got the continent right, right?!! "No, Rob. Not right," your free to respond.^^

Anyways, will hopefully have this sorted out soon but just wanted to write and point that out and let you know that I AM aware of it.

Signing off,

Rob "Red-faced" Julien…

P.S. to just clarify, "Indo" means India, NOT Indonesia. And I'm sure I don't need to tell you, but the Taj Mahal is in India, NOT Indonesia.

P.P.S. one more thing (not *as* embarrassing, but...) in the vocab video I spelled Taj Mahal as 타즈마할 (sounding more like I as an English speaker would say it) but actually the Korean spelling is 타지마할.

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