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This course follows the same format as level #3, discussing various topics, with a focus on more advanced topics and structures. There is also an over-arching goal in level #4 of learning how to tell stories about things that "have happened" in the past, so you will find that a lot of the topics relate to various aspects of a person's past, i.e. childhood, school, injuries, that sort of stuff.

Levels #1 and 2 focused largely on specific structures and really showing HOW the language works. While level #3 will also include structure practice and explanations of how things will work, the emphasis will be on learning and discussing various topics (i.e. hobbies, vacations, neighbourhoods, and so on) using "natural" Korean conversation, and really starting to "apply" the structures to real conversation. Basically the goal of this level is to now start "tying it all together" and applying everything we've been learning in an effort to really start to put "conversations" together.

In level two, we dive deeper into the language. In the first half of the course, you will get lots of practice with verb conjugations (and common conversation questions that utilize that skill) as well as practice with different tenses, specifically present and past. And then in the second half of the course, we will get into the future tense as well as a few more complex structures that I also think you'll find really helpful.

This level starts right in the beginning and leaves nothing out. Classes #1 and 2 teach you exactly how to read and write Korean. Then from class #3 we get into the basic sentence and how to SPEAK Korean. Throughout this level you will grow comfortable with the basic Korean sentence as well as learn some very common and useful questions (and answers to those questions) that you can and will use in everyday Korean. In class #11 you will also get introduced to speaking in the past tense in Korean, and class #12 will complete the level by introducing one of the most common groups of verbs used, (something which will be expanded on in Level Two).

Just like a small hinge can swing open the biggest door, mastery of this one skill can unlock the potential for much more advanced conversational skills in Korean. Fortunately, unbeknownst to many, there is a pattern to it all, and learning this ONE pattern makes acquiring this skill so much easier! Join us in this next step of your Korean-learning journey, let's take kick your Korean-speaking skills up a few notches, shall we!

This challenge is about learning and implementing a simple yet effective method of learning Korean that helps you not only "learn" the language, but guarantees you develop the ability to SAY everything you learn. Improved speaking fluency, confidence, retention, and a reliable process that you can apply in only minutes a day and guarantee you make consistent, tangible process in your ability to speak Korean.