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Welcome and congratulations on a great choice that will help you boost your Korean-speaking skills forward, not only over the course of the next three weeks, but forever as long as you continue to apply this simple yet effective method.  Please watch the following video for instructions on what to do next.



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29 Lessons

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Program Content

Chapter One: Introduction & First Steps


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Some Important Concepts

The EASY Way to Classify Verbs

The Clock Theory

The “Korean Prayer”

Chapter One Homework

Chapter Two: 오-verbs

Chapter #2 Intro

How to Conjugate 오-verbs

The Key to Improvement and Retention

Chapter Two Homework

Chapter Three: 아-verbs

Chapter Three Intro

How to Conjugate 아-verbs

Chapter Three Homework

Chapter Four: 우-verbs

Chapter Four Intro

Descriptive Verbs vs Action Verbs

How to Conjugate 우-verbs (true action verbs)

How to Conjugate 우-verbs (descriptive verbs)

Some more examples of 'Descriptive' 우-verbs

Chapter Four Homework

Chapter Five: 어-verbs and 으-verbs

Chapter Five Intro

How to Conjugate 어-verbs

How to Conjugate 으-verbs

Chapter Five Homework

Chapter Six: 이-verbs

Chapter Six Intro

How to Conjugate 이-verbs

A New Structure

Chapter Six Homework

Chapter Seven: 하다-verbs

Chapter Seven Intro

About the Teacher

Rob Julien

Rob has been helping people successfully learn the Korean language since 2006, and has become well known for breaking down the language in a way that makes sense and is easy to apply and learn from.  In this particular course he exposes a mostly-unknown pattern in Korean verbs that make learning conjugations so much easier, and then applies that pattern to useful, everyday sentence structures including both the past tense and future tense in Korean.  

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