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  • Videos recorded in a live class taught here in Korea, so even though it's online, it's like you're actually in the class
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of how the language works, so you can improve efficiently and avoid wasting time being confused about things (a common stumbling block for early learners!)
  • Taught by a native English-speaker who, in 2003, started exactly where you are now, and over the last decade has become known for helping make simple sense of a seemingly "difficult" language
  • Get effective and fun speaking-practice sessions with our ever-helpful native Korean teachers, and ensure you improve your ability to actually SAY everything you're learning
  • Incredibly flexible (and highly effective!) methods and class times to allow you learn and improve at times and a pace that fits perfectly into YOUR schedule and learning style

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And as a "thank you" for checking us out, here's exactly what you get totally free after you create your free account:

  • Immediate access to classes #1, 2 and 3 of the program

These classes start right in the beginning and are the exact first steps I believe anyone, as a beginner learner, should take.

The first class will show you:

Exactly how to accurately read, write, and say the basic Korean alphabet. This is not difficult to do, and is an incredibly important first step. Follow my recommended steps, and you will be able to read before the day is out.

The second will will cover:

All the rest of the things you'll need to know in order to be able to read literally everything you'll ever come across in the language, including vowel combinations, sounds of consontants in the final position of a block (syllable), and the sounds of double consonants

The third class then gets into:

The basic Korean sentence and is our first class where we focus on how to SPEAK Korean. Over 45 minutes worth of videos that'll have you asking and answering a very basic, but useful question that you can use anywhere to continue building your Korean (and one you'll hear A LOT in all aspects and situations of the language!).

Each class will contain:

  • a review/oral test of the previous class (except for the first class, 'cause there's nothing to review!)
  • the target vocabulary for the day
  • a reading of the lesson, to work on our pronunciation of the alphabet we just learned, and to introduce examples of the concepts we are going to focus on for the class
  • explanations IN PLAIN, EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND English of the breakdown of the basic Korean sentence, and other structures that we come across and focus on
  • a Q&A session where the students practice what we covered in the class

And On Top Of That, Just For Checking Out Our Program That WILL Make Learning Korean Way Easier, You'll Also Get...

All of the hand-outs / lessons from Level One (classes #1-12). These are the exact same handouts we use in the class videos so you can follow along perfectly, just like you're in the class. They contain the example sentences and structures each class focuses on and builds around, and they are yours to keep and improve with.

Workbook pages (with answer key) from each class that you can download, print off, use to check your understanding and consolidate everything you're learning in the videos.

A series of tips put together by me, a fellow native English speaker who started exactly where you are now and knows the exact steps you need to take to get to where you want to be in Korean.

Mp3-file recordings of the target sentences of each class, recorded by a native-Korean speaker, that you can save to your computer or mp3-player and use to improve your listening as well as pronunciation.

Access to any and all future "practice packs" (workbook with answer key) of any content videos / answers we post up on the questions forum (NOTE: the video content we post will be open and free for anyone, but only members get the practice pages with answer key). A great learning tool that you can use passively to keep improving your Korean.

I am a real person behind any of the emails you'll get, so you can email me and ask any and all questions you might have regarding the material learned in the videos, or any other questions you might have about Korean in general, or the program itself.

(in not-so-fine print!)