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"Sell Your Business to The Right Buyer for The Right Price
WITHOUT the Incredibly High Fees of a Broker"

You've worked too long and hard to build up your equity and retirement fund, to give 10% (or more!) of it away to a broker, just to help you do something you can definitely do on your own with the right guidance.

Learn How Now
learn to speak, read and write Korean language

What You Will Discover...

  • SECRET #1:

Exactly how to sell your own business without the need for a broker, saving you 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars

  • SECRET #2:

Exactly what documents you need to prepare before taking your business to market, so you are prepared and can make the best first impression with a buyer

  • SECRET #3:

How to clean up the financials so you present the business in its best and "most saleable" light

  • SECRET #4:

Understand the REAL value of your business, and the FOUR Business Valuations truths behind it

  • SECRET #5:

Ensure you never settle for a lower price by establishing your "BATNA"

  • SECRET #6:

How to add 10-50% to your selling price, just by the way you position the business and structure the deal

  • SECRET #7:

How to position and present your company's "weaknesses" to INCREASE a buyer's confidence in purchasing your business

online korean lessons and tutorials
Learn How to Sell Your Business Now

(In Not-so-Fine Print!)