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Live and Online Korean Classes

Live and Online Korean Classes

Live and Online Korean Classes

“I have taken many Korean courses, all of which, except for one, I felt had terrible methodologies. I was excited to take this course because it was going to be led by an English native speaker who I figured would have a different approach, and this has been the best course I have ever taken.”  ~Dave Tonetti; English Professor, Seoul University

“I enjoyed the course very much! Even though the material content wasn’t totally new to me, the course gave me some confidence. I am finding myself to use Korean more and more often. My favorite part of the course is that you and Rachel often refer to real situations and explain subtleties about the use of Korean language. This is really helpful.” ~Beata

“I take another class here in person. I’ve taken 2 other courses online. I get more from yours and consistently get ideas explained in a way that makes it easy for me to understand. I LOVE getting Korean from an English speaker who started where I am. So yeah, you are doing it all right!!  I love it!”  ~Angel Lynch; K-Culture Fanatic

“This is the best language course available. ” ~ Michelle Kasper

“I am loving the classes, video lectures are great.  Embarassingly, I have been here nearly a year but my Korean is still so basic.  I find very little opportunity to practice (English all day at school, Korean friends speak awesome English and want to practice that and I guess laziness too!!!) Anyway even with having done just two weeks with you my reading has speeded up and I feel motivated about being in a class, so I am so glad I found your academy.  They are so well put together and it’s a very neat arrangement.  And KyungHye is great too, enjoying her classes as well.  So I 100% want to continue!!!  Bring on the next lot:-) ~ Karen MacHale

“I loved the class. It was paced right, I liked the format of the class and really appreciated Kyunghye’s willingness to stay late and explain things. I think my favorite part of class was the Q&A session right after. I learned so much “context” if you will, for the words and sentences we practiced.” ~ Peter Floyd

“The class was great with lots of speaking practice. Rachel is a great teacher and I like the last 5 or 10 minutes she gave us to ask general questions about Korean or Korean culture. It was my first time in an online class and I enjoyed it very much.” ~ Rob Cousins; Public School English Teacher, South Korea