How would you like to be matched up with a fellow "accountability" partner?

(Significantly more affordable than the coaching program, and just
for joining, get LOTS of other benefits as well - details below!)

Get matched up with someone to help you (and for you to help) stay on task and keep moving forward (at a comfortable pace defined and set by YOU).

Get matched up with a fellow KDA student of the SAME level as you so you can...

  • Help each other move forward and progress in a comfortable atmosphere
  • Have someone to practice the material you're learning with week-in week-out
  • Stay motivated and on task throughout the week

A few important notes about this program...

  • By joining this program, we will collect your "availability" (times you're available during the week or weekends) and match up you up with a fellow KDA student of the same level as you
  • Your weekly "meeting time" will be set at time that fits into YOUR schedule
  • You will meet with your partner each week at the same time to practice material you are working on and to help each other set daily and weekly goals to stick to
  • you will get a PERSONALIZED "questionnaire" that utilizes all the language and structures of the level you've chosen (and with answers you've filled out and we've corrected to make more correct and natural) that you can use to interview and practice with fellow ROKstar members to get 100% targeted practice and repetition of the "target language" you're learning
  • an mp3-recording (by a native Korean speaker, of matching gender) of your personal answers to your questionnaire so you can model and improve your pronunciation and intonation, again, with answers tailored to you so you KNOW you'll be improving at language you're actually going to use in conversation
  • Great (discounted) rates on "one-on-one" and "group" practice sessions with our trained and awesome KDA Korean teachers...(for example, by joining only TWO sessions per month you'd save enough to cover the cost for this entire program each month)...

Get Set Up With Your "Accountability" Practice Partner Now for Only $19.95/month $9.95/month...

Yes! I would love to join the "ROKstars" community and get partnered up with a fellow student...

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