How would you like me to PERSONALLY help
you become fluent in this language?

The goal of this program is to personally help you anywhere you get stuck, help you improve in all areas (understanding, fluency, confidence and pronunciation), keep you accountable, help you progress and achieve the level of Korean you desire as quickly as possible, and do it in the comforts of a one-on-one environment with me.

Here is Exactly What You're Getting in The
"ROKstars Elite" Coaching Program

  • Weekly one-hour sessions one-on-one with ME to practice, improve and eliminate any and all obstacles that may be holding you back or slowing you down ($240/month value)
  • Unlimited access to me via email, skype or CELL PHONE to make sure we get and keep you "unstuck" from any areas you may get stuck in ($200/month value)

By joining this program, you are also getting access to our new-and-exclusive "ROKstars" community, which means you're also getting...(normally $29.95/month, included as part of coaching program)

  • Great (discounted) rates on "one-on-one" and "group" practice sessions with our trained and awesome KDA Korean teachers
  • Monthly diary submissions that our teachers will check, correct and send back to you
  • a PERSONALIZED "questionnaire" to use with me and fellow ROKstar members to get 100% targeted practice and repetition of the "target language" you're learning
  • an mp3-recording (by a native Korean speaker, of matching gender) of your personal answers to your questionnaire so you can model and improve your pronunciation and intonation, with answers tailored to you so you KNOW you'll be improving at language you're actually going to use in conversation

Join the "ROKstars Elite" Coaching Program Now
for Only $479.95/month $250/month...

(PLEASE NOTE: there is NO minimum number of months required; you are able to cancel anytime and you once you do, you will not be charged again the following month, AND you will get to finish out your sessions for the month for which you already paid; this program is non-refundable however)

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