Instructions for  Submitting Your Diary

For Writing It:

The goal of the diary submission, while in writing, is actually to aid the improvement of your ability to speak Korean by furthering understanding and retention of learned structures, as well as gain insight (through corrections) into naturally-spoken Korean.

There are, however, a few guidelines for this:

1) Write how you think you would speak. When we are correcting them, that is the perspective we will take as well.

2) Try your best to write using structures you know or have learned, rather than trying to extend too far beyond your current level.

3) Aside from using one for vocabulary, please DO NOT use any kind of translation service (i.e. Google translate) to help. Try your best, make mistakes, learn from mistakes.

4) If there is something you want to say (as it fits in naturally to what you're writing about) but don't know how to say it, feel free to just "put the English in quotations like this" and your teacher can help you come up with the correct expression. However, please limit this technique to once or twice per diary re: #2.

5) Please keep your diary to a length of a quarter page or less. It is tempting to want to write more to get more corrections, but it's better to keep each entry concise and learn from a few key mistakes consistently, rather than push to write more just for the sake of getting more. Again, keep it natural; keep it concise and flowing.

For Submitting It:

1) Compose it in whatever text or .doc program you want

2) When you're ready to send it, copy it all into an email

3) Title the email [KDA DIARY] September 2016 <----whatever month/year it happens to be, so we can keep track of submissions

4) Send the email to

5) Please allow for about a week to have it returned to you. If we can do it faster we will, but please allow for one week (and if you haven't heard a response from someone here for a week, please get in touch).