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A new program for people who would like to keep improving their Korean but find they're typically too busy to join or keep up with regular classes...

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features; available 'till August 27th or the first 100 people join)

The fact of the matter is there are A LOT of people who would like to be improving their Korean but for one reason or another "life" (jobs, kids, school, etc) gets in the way and makes it difficult to keep up with regular classes.

However language-learning really is a "use it or lose it" type thing, and so to help with this problem, we have created a new program (called the "KDA ROKstars") for people who want to keep moving forward with their Korean but lack the time (etc) to join and keep up with regularly scheduled (weekly) classes.

Along with my favourite new addition to all of this (discussed just below), this program will grant access to all the material of KDA (four levels in total) so you that you can start at a level that's perfectly suited to you and go through the course and continue to improve at your own pace (as well as go back and review anything you'd like whenever you'd like).

And then on top of that, the newest - and in my opinion,
most important - addition to this program is)...

You will have the ability to book one-off practice sessions with one of our Korean teachers at any time you'd like without having to commit to anything "weekly" or register for a full 3-month course, so you really can go at your own pace (yet still focus on moving forward, even if it may be slower than you'd ideally like).

And a third fantastic aspect of all of this is...(the price)...

The regular "group" course that's been running here at KDA for the last 3 years costs $300/level (the equivalent of the $100/month), however...

Because this program is in "beta" and so you can remain in the course and go at your own pace without feeling like you're wasting your money, for joining during this "introductory" period, you're welcome to lock in at only $10/month.

This is the lowest price this program can and will ever be offered at, and will be available until the end of August or the first 100 people join.  After that, membership goes up to $20 for any future members, which really does mean decent savings for you in you get in now, even if you're not quite ready to use it.

And on top of that crazy low price for membership, you're also
getting a great deal on practice sessions...

Also part of this "introductory" offer, you're also able to lock in the lowest rates on practice sessions possible.  For becoming a ROKstar now, you will be able book practice sessions for $20/hour (or $12.50/30-minute session).

For future members, there is a very good chance that these will at least $25/session, if not more.

This really is a very good deal and I would discourage you from thinking that just because the price is so low that the quality of this program is not going to be there.  This course will include everything our full course includes AS WELL AS  a few new extras that I think people will really find helpful, including...

A few other new additions to this program, to help you get
the most out of your studies and practice sessions

  • 1) The "Roadmap to Speaking Success"

This is for people who struggle with effective study methods and/or using the limited time they have for this effectively.

I have laid out an action-plan showing you exactly what to do and when to do it to guarantee you improve your speaking.

The idea is to structure a personally-tailored plan that can fit into your day and guarantee you make effective and consistent improvement, no matter if you have an hour a day or only 20 minutes to spend on this.

  • 2) A "structure-targeted" questionnaire

These questionnaires utilize the target structures of each level (one for level 1 and one for level 2) and allow you to get practice of the target questions and answers with answers tailored exactly to you, which you can then use to practice with your Korean teacher, again, getting practice saying answers perfectly tailored to you.

How it works is this...

You download the questionnaire (which you can actually do just on the right) and then answer the questions as best you can in an email to us (and if you can't answer fully in Korean, you can put what you want to say in English).

One of our teachers will correct your answers and make them more natural and then send them back to you.

On top of that, we will also record the answers so you have an mp3-file recording to use to improve your pronunciation and intonation.

This extra little add-on alone is worth the first six months this program will cost you, however for joining now you will get it thrown in entirely free.

If this all sounds okay to you and you would like to continue improving your Korean (or at the very least maintain what you've already worked to achieve), then be one of the first 100 people to register prior to August 31st and let's work together to keep your Korean rockin'.

Click here to become a ROKstar and lock in your "early bird" pricing!

Still got questions?

I tried to keep this page fairly short however if you're interested but would like to know a bit more, check out just below or feel free to get in touch with me and ask anything you'd like.

Q: So I pay $10/month to keep access to the entire course and then just book a practice session if and whenever I want to?

Yup, that's exactly it.  Do it all at your own pace, and follow the "Roadmap" if you need help with effective study methods so you use your time effectively.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of time I have to stay in the program?

Not at all.  There is absolutely no commitment and you can cancel any time you want.  That being said, as you'll see on the next page, there is an option to sign up and prepay for a semi-annual (6-monthly) plan and save an additional 17% off the already very doable price.

Q: Has the entire KDA program changed over to this new program, or is this an alternative to the regular weekly group sessions?

Great question!  This is an alternative, mostly for people who can't really fit regular weekly classes into their lives.  This allows them to still progress, but just book practice sessions for whenever they want or need.