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Finally get the "How"s and "Why"s of the language explained in a way that makes sense...

Effective Korean Classes for English-Speaking Expats

Make an immediate and noticeable improvement in your ability to Speak Korean with easy-to-understand explanations of how the language works, and dedicated speaking practice for optimal results.


*Registration Closes Sunday, February 4th, 2018

learn to speak, read and write Korean language

This Korean language program was created by an experienced language teacher who, in 2003, started right where you did in Korean (from nothing) and since its creation has been repeatedly called "the best Korean language program" going.  If you're serious about improving, it's worth giving some serious consideration to.

  • Simple Explanations for Ease of Understanding
  • Increased Speaking Fluency and Confidence
  • Lessons build logically and gradually
  • Notice Immediate Improvement!
  • Lots of Practice for Accelerated Results
  • Super Convenient Times and Locations
  • Improve in a Supportive and Enjoyable Atmosphere
  • No matter how much you may have struggled up 'till now
learn to speak Korean
learn how to speak korean

Hi, and Welcome to Korean Digital Academy

If you're attempting to learn Korean - either you're a beginner just starting out, you've been trying to learn but have been struggling due to any number of reasons , or maybe you're actually doing pretty well and want to keep getting better, then I invite you to give this program some serious consideration.

Now, I fully realize that as the creator of this program I am entirely biased (and that it's "easy for me to say") but hear me out...

I have been teaching the Korean language for more than a decade now (and taught English successfully for 11 years as well) and everything I say on this site is speaking from experience - either my own or about the experiences and results of past students who have told or written to me over the years, and continue to do so.

See, we all have our reasons for wanting to learn, and those provide the drive for us to keep going, yet, we all have our struggles as well; the things we feel hold us back from improving, either at all or at a pace we maybe wish we were capable of, or that other people seem capable of.

Some of these obstacles are internal: feeling like we're just not good at languages, we're not capable of remembering vocab and structures, we feel we're too old, or just in general that "you'll never get it";

And some of them are external: some people feel they don't have access to decent classes, their schedule or family life holds them back from attending classes or putting the necessary time in, or for some it's location and proximity to people who can help.

And for many people they feel this overwhelming sense of difficulty 'cause they struggle with a combination of a few of these things.

But the reality is, while these problems can affect the pace at which you can progress - for example a father who works to support his family and literally only has 30 minutes a day to dedicate to this is totally going to progress slower than if he could (and did) put in 2 hours per day - but that doesn't mean you can't progress.

And it doesn't mean you can't progress efficiently and STILL develop a strong ability to speak. Because often times these this struggles are only obstacles, are only problems because we are not aware of a better solution.

Often times we take the natural plan of signing up to a course or finding a "language partner" to help, but unfortunately the vast majority of these classes and exchanges are run by people who, despite their best intentions:

(A) just grew up knowing their language and therefor have very little insight into how the language actually works and can not give you the answers to the "how" and "why" that you need to make sense of this language.

And/or...(often "and")...

(B) they take very little time, if any at all, to give real thought to what is going to actually help you progress, and furthermore, what is going to help you make progress DESPITE the obstacles in your way.

And while I could go on and on about all the things we have included in this course (the videos, the worksheets and all that stuff), personally I feel the real powerful elements - the hinges that are swinging the biggest doors for people and helping them make tangible, noticeable, (and usually immediate) progress, is that:

We put a heavy focus on a few key areas:

1) We give simple explanations in plain English of how and why the language works the way it does, and we deliver them in a way that is easy to understand making them simple to grasp and improve from.

These explanations are delivered by an experienced language teacher who also happened to start learning Korean exactly where you did (from nothing) and can help explain the "ins and outs" all from a perspective of a native English speaker who's been through it.

However, while "understanding" the language in a way that is easy to apply is helpful and can help shortcut the process, "input" alone is not enough.

What helps make this program as successful as it has been for people is that...

2) We put very strong emphasis on the key step to developing speaking ability and confidence, to developing ANY skill for that matter, which is structured and "deliberate practice".

The word "fluency" can hold different definitions to different people, however ALL definitions will include a person's ability to get words, sentences and thoughts to come out of their mouth without much effort or conscious thought.

Through purposefully-structured practice, this is the result we focus on and help people get.

3) And lastly, we structure the program to fit in and around your life and learning preferences so that no matter what you struggle with, no matter what you feel is holding you back, we form a plan that works for you and helps ensure you make progress.

I won't go on too much more here but if you've ever struggled with any of what I mentioned above, then I invite you to check us out some more.

As you'll see when you click on one of the big blue buttons on this page to create your free account, the first step is to just ask you a few questions about yourself, your experience and your current situation.

From that, we make a recommendation on which system you should consider giving a try.

In the 10+ years I've been teaching Korean, I've helped 100s of people, DESPITE any struggles they may have already experienced, improve their Korean and I'm confident I can help you as well.

And if you're one of those who really feel like you lie in the fringes of all this and just can't be helped, you can find my email at the bottom of this page.

Get in touch and let me know why, and let's see if we can work together to help fix it.

Honestly, what have you got to lose? Nothing except a bit of time, but chances are you're losing that anyways trying solutions that just aren't working for you.

So again, if you're serious about learning this language, then I invite you to create your membership and check out for yourself why people again and again call KDA "the best program" they've ever tried.

online Korean classes

Learn from the experiences and insights of an experienced language
teacher (both English and Korean) who has been through what you're currently going through...


Here are a few things about this program that people have said
they find helpful and beneficial over other programs they've tried:

  • Simple Explanations From Someone Who's Been Through It

Korean  is quite different from English, but “different” does NOT have to mean “difficult”, as long as you get it explained in a way that makes sense.  Get helpful explanations and unique insights from a teacher who started where you did, who learned the ins-and-outs of the language, and can explain things in a way that is easy to understand, apply and improve from.

  • Lots of Targeted Speaking Practice to Really Improve

Speaking practice is a key step in the learning process.  Small class sizes (max of 4!) dedicated only to structured speaking practice gives you the opportunity to practice everything you learn and boost your fluency, pronunciation and overall speaking confidence.

  • Lessons Build Gradually So It's Helpful, But Not Overwhelming

Learning a language is supposed to be fun and the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed from information overload.  These classes follow a proven step-by-step plan to get people from beginner or where they're currently at to conversational at an appropriate pace that doesn't overwhelm, yet challenges and progresses your ability forward.

  • Learn Words and Phrases People Actually Use

There is no point in learning language that nobody uses.  That may seem like the year's most obvious statement but you'd be surprised the number of courses and people that teach exactly that, including super formal language you simply don't need for everyday Korean.  We will focus on language that you can immediately apply to your everyday life.

  • Make Noticeable Improvement almost immediately!

The goal of all this is improvement in our ability to SPEAK this language.  By cutting out the waste and focusing on the steps that bring us the most improvement for our time and energy, we streamline the path to improvement.  In fact, we hear back almost everyday about the improvement people are experiencing.  Improvement in their understanding, in their ability to actually use it in conversation around town and with friends and colleagues, AND improvement in the experiences they are now having as they begin to enjoy using it more.  We would absolutely love the opportunity to help you experience the same.

  • Supportive Atmosphere for Maximum Enjoyment

Very small groups made up of people at a similar level as you, you can feel free to practice, make mistakes and improve in a comfortable, supportive environment surrounded by people of similar level and goals.

  • Extremely Flexible Schedule So It's Easy to Attend

Various programs designed to fit perfectly into and around your schedule and put a strong focus on improving your ability to SPEAK and understand this language.  No matter whether you have a job with odd or varying hours, little time each day to devote, or even if you have time and you want to ramp things up and improve as quickly as you can - we have a program for you.

  • Super Convenient Location

No cab fares, bus fares, or any wasted time or money getting to these classes.  We are 100% online so you can attend them from literally anywhere  you want, as long  as you have a decent Internet connection.  Isn't the future great?

online Korean classes

Learn from the experiences and insights of an experienced language
teacher (both English and Korean) who has been through what you're currently going through...


You have three programs to choose from, all designed to fit perfectly into your schedule so you can boost your Korean forward at a pace that works for you.

online Korean classes

*All of these programs follow the "flipped classroom" concept, - you learn the material on your own, then
practice the material with your teacher - which allows us to maintain both effectiveness and flexibility.

online Korean classes

Meet Some of the Awesome
Teachers Who Help Make This Happen...

online korean lesson and tutorials

*DISCLAIMER: teacher descriptions may or may not have been lifted from Chuck Norris quotes

online Korean classes
online Korean classes

I love the class. The course is fun, the material is relevant, the explanations are clear, the classes are well organized, the individual help is outstanding, the price is great . . .What can I say, do you think maybe you could serve refreshments? : )

Arnelle High School English Teacher, South Korea
Arnelle- Korean language teacher

"I studied with the Korean Digital Academy and it was brilliant.  It’s very well organized, it made a huge difference to my Korean speaking ability, it works around your timetable and I can highly recommend it.  Get in touch with Rob, he is super helpful.

Karen MacHale
Karen MacHale English Teacher, South Korea
Karen MacHale - Online Korean lesson teacher

Speaking the Korean language is a skill that perpetually becomes more enjoyable the better you get at it,
so it's a win-win to put the effort toward it and learn how to do it.  We're here to help make sure you
get the results for the effort you put in.  No more wasted hours jumping from resource to resource.


Have questions about anything?  We'd love to hear from you!

Send an email to and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  Thanks!

online Korean classes
online Korean classes

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