Pricing Details for the Weekly Group Program

This program helps you get awesome at speaking Korean with simple explanations of how it all works and then practicing what you learn live with a native Korean-speaker and a very small number of other people who have a similar speaking-ability to you as well as the want to improve in a fun, yet effective, atmosphere...
What you get:
  • Approximately EIGHT hours of Korean class time
  • FOUR hour-long video lectures (recorded in a live class so it’s like you’re in the class as well) and FOUR live practice sessions with a native Korean-speaker to practice what you learn in the video lectures.
  • mp3-file recordings
  • Recorded by a native Korean speaker; cover of the main target language in each video class that you can use to improve your listening and your pronunciation
  • Download-and-printable handouts
  • The same handouts we use in all the video lectures so you can follow along perfectly with the videos (again, just like you’re in the class)
  • Review / practice pages
  • Download, print off, and fill out for extra practice and better retention of all the concepts, vocab, and structures you learn in the videos (not available for classes #1 and 2 ‘cause those are just about how to read and write)
  • On-demand access to everything
  • Gives you the ability to go back and watch the videos as many times as you’d like to review anything you’d like
Not just some videos online, this is a REAL course that...
  • follows a REAL system
  • is taught by an experienced teacher
  • utilizes the "flipped classroom" concept to help maximize effectiveness for students
  • has been running in Korea and helping people become conversational in Korean since 2005
  • provides a great solution for people who want to build speaking confidence, fluency, and understanding in Korean, in an atmosphere that is relaxed and supportive.
The cost for the weekly group sessions:
  • Regular price: $100/month
  • Trial price for new students: $20 for the first month (an 80% discount)
  • No automatic re-bills or subscriptions
  • Bank transfers available for people living in Korea

(in not-so-fine print!)

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