Chapter #1 - "The Clock Theory"

(make sure to watch the videos in this chapter FIRST)

NOTE: before jumping into the main videos, this video will explain a few important concepts that will help you as you move through, specifically:  (1) WHY knowing how to conjugate is so important, (2) the past tense structure and which form of the verb it uses, and (3) the future tense structure and which form of the verb it uses.  Please watch this first and then you can start on the main videos below.  Thanks!

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Video 1 (of 2): How to Classify Korean Verbs

Video 2 (of 3): "The Clock Theory"

NOTE: this is the concept this entire series is based around so make sure to watch it and get in touch if you have any questions about.

Video 3 (of 3): The next step (Please complete before moving on)

(This next video talks about your "Korean Prayer'.  Please note that this has zero "religious" implications whatsoever.  As you will see in the video, the naming is based on nothing more than a very effective approach an old math teacher of mine used, and the name derived from what he used)

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In this chapter you will discover...

The Clock Theory:

This is my own personal method of teaching how Korean verbs are categorized and then conjugated based on which category they belong to.

I created this method based on the "discoveries" I had as I struggled to teach myself Korean more than a decade ago.

Questions or thoughts? Would love to hear 'em!

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