"I have taken many Korean courses and this is the best one I have ever taken."

~ Dave Tonetti; Language Professor at Seoul National University

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ALL of the video lectures in the members area

  • roughly 50 HOURS of Korean-language instruction
  • delivered in plain, easy to understand English
  • taught by an experienced teacher of both English and Korean who has actually BEEN through it, learned Korean, and developed an effective system to guide you through it as well

The purpose of level #1 is really two-fold:

1) It’s to give you a LOT of useful things to say that you will use in your everyday life (either here in Korea, or when talking with friends), and build a base of UNDERSTANDING of how these basic structures work.

We cover the basic sentence (a few different forms), numbers (both sets), and a lot of questions you will use around town and in basic conversation.  Things like,”What’s that?”, “How much is it?”, “What do you do?”, “Where is the ____?”, ordering food and drinks, and asking personal questions like “Do you have ______?”

2) Secondly, it’s basically to get you comfortable with Korean and really prepare you for level #2 which is where we get into the Nuts and Bolts of the language and then expand from there into more complex stuff.

It’s a more-than-obvious statement to say that Korean is quite a bit “different” than English, and so our goal for level #1 is, along with giving you lots of really useful things to say and building your understanding of the language beneath that, is to help get your tongue comfortable with the way Korean is spoken, your ears comfortable with the sounds, and your brain comfortable with the overall way that Korean builds.  Again, to get you ready for level #2 where things really get fun (and USEFUL!!)

Level #1 is a mix of conversational stuff as well as just some very useful survival stuff that you can use while living here, but level #2 is going to go much deeper into “conversational” Korean.

The first half of the course focuses on practicing and improving verb conjugations using super common questions and answers – again, of a much more “conversational” nature – as a springboard.

Throughout the level, we learn and practice speaking in the past tense, future tense and a few other REALLY common and key tenses you will definitely want to learn.

Once we have a good grasp on the Nuts and Bolts of Korean, we expand into more complex structures to not only give you more useful structures you can (and will!) use in conversations, but that help illustrate further just why the Nuts and Bolts are so important.

And throughout the entire level #2, you will be learning LOTS of new super common “every day” verbs

Levels #1 and 2 focused largely on specific structures and really showing HOW the language works.

While level #3 will also include structure practice and explanations of how things will work, the emphasis will be on learning and discussing various topics (i.e. hobbies, vacations, neighbourhoods, and so on) using “natural” Korean conversation, and really starting to “apply” the structures (we’ve learned and will learn) to REAL conversation.  

Here are a couple main new additions…

* Target questions on a certain topic to be discussed:

Two of our Korean teachers sat down for each class and interviewed each other using the same questions that we will discuss in class. The answers were recorded in “natural”, everyday Korean and (the breakdown of them) serve as model answers and usage of target vocabulary and structures, to help students form their own answers and discuss the target questions.

* A very STRONG listening component

The conversations between our teachers were recorded and turned into mp3 files and listening “Gap-fill” activities so you can test and improve your listening as well as use them to model your speech around for improved and more natural pronunciation and intonation.

Basically the goal of this level is to now start “tying it all together” and applying everything we’ve been learning in an effort to really start to put “conversations” together.

Not always the easiest step to make in a second language but you’ve always got the help of your ever-so-helpful Korean teacher to help you through it and of course me via email for any questions you might have.

Level #4 really just picks up where level #3 leaves off and continues discussing more topics and delivering more relevant structures and vocab needed to do so.

Similar to level #3, there are model answers provided by our Korean teachers and a VERY strong listening component.

Level #4 also contains a sub-goal of developing the skill of “story-telling”; basically describing events that happened in the past (i.e. “I was walking down the street and all of a sudden…”).  I personally believe this skill to be one of the most useful you can have, however, is certainly reserved for more advanced students in my opinion.

ALL of the video supplemental downloadables

  • Roughly 200 pages of workbook activities (with answers) so you can consolidate and retain everything you're learning
  • mp3-files recordings of each class (recorded by a native speaker) so you can improve your listening as well as your own pronunciation and intonation when speaking the language

So if you...

  • can say some things in Korean but want to build some structure beneath what you already know, this will help you do that.
  • are too busy to attend and keep up with live classes, this will allow you to continue to improve on your own WHENEVER you have time.
  • have EVER struggled to learn Korean because the explanations of how it all works just didn't really make sense, this will help you simplify things and get over that hurdle and actually SPEAKING Korean.
  • would like to get COMPLETE and UNLIMITED access to the entire course - a course that has been described as "the best Korean course" available by a language professor at the most prestigious university in Korea - for the rest of your entire Korean-learning life...

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will only be available until Thursday, December 11th)

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"I studied with the Korean Digital Academy and it was brilliant.  It’s very well organised and getting the basics in these classes made a huge difference to my Korean speaking ability."

~Karen MacHale

"I've just finished Level 1 with KDA. Absolutely brilliant.  This school will make you better."

~Matt Lindsey

Great teacher, great system, fun exercise, excellent tech implementation - I loved it. I'm pumped. I'm about to study lesson 14 as I write this email. - Thanks again!!

~Robert Hansford

"I can't believe how great it has been to learn what I have learned so far, and it has given me new life in this country."

~Joe Viskoe

""I'm really happy with the classes so far! It has REALLY helped to have a native English speaker explaining the grammar. I finally have the tools to put together sentences, not just pick out random words here and there. Thank you so much for these awesome classes!"

~Melinda B.

"Rob, I have to say that I am really loving it so far. I'm already noticing these structures when I listen to the other teachers speaking Korean at my school. It is really helping my listening ability. Also, I'm really loving the active learning."

~Patrick Rivers

"I also want to add my applause for KDA!!! It is helping me learn a lot!  Material is very well presented and explained in the videos.  Can't recommend KDA enough to all who would like to learn Korean!
KDA 잘했어요 그리고 감사합니다!"

~Anna Tzanova

"I have enjoyed the KDA classes very much and have shown a marked improvement in my ability to navigate the country and the language.  The program and classes are terrific."


“I really liked your Korean classes; it was the only time I studied Korean and felt there was a logic to it and a system to the teaching.  I felt you could understand English-speakers' problems learning Korean.”

~Melanie Steyn; Suncheon University English Professor

“You are a great teacher! I think your teaching methodology works well. You always provided feedback whenever needed.  The mini oral tests were great. I really can't think of anything else. It was a great class.”

~Ramona Pavilionis; Suncheon University Language Department

“You are a great teacher! I think your teaching methodology works well. You always provided feedback whenever needed.  The mini oral tests were great. I really can't think of anything else. It was a great class.”

~Ramona Pavilionis; Suncheon University Language Department

“I thought your classes were great.  The area they helped me most in was being a better teacher, you gave me a better understanding of the Korean language and from that I was able to better understand and explain the mistakes that my students were making.   In general Rob, you did an awesome job.”

Jessika; Wonderland English Teacher

“Hey man, just wanted to let you know that the classes were great and that I could write a lot about how well you teach them, I think you’re chill, easy going, make people feel comfortable and one of the best teachers I’ve had, period.  Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Dustin Clark; English Teacher, S.Korea

"It was just the right balance of difficulty for my learning level. I liked how things continued off one another in a consistent manner. I have noticed improvement in my Korean; speaking, listening, overall comprehension etc."

Eric Daubert; English Teacher, S.Korea

Got a question about this?  Cool.
Please just email me to find out more!