Homework for Lesson #6

PREVIEW (to do BEFORE you watch the videos):

#1) Do a quick review of the chapter #5 material to make sure it's fresh.

#1b) Refresh the vocab you memorized last time

2) Now please watch the chapter #6 videos

To do AFTER you watch the videos:

#3) Make sure you understand and memorize our new sentence structure.

*memorize: (1) that the structure is ~고 싶어요, and (2) that it goes on the 'unchanged' form of a verb

#4) Complete workbook exercises making sure you understand each step as you do.

*NOTE: as I mentioned in the videos, you can ignore the "formal" conjugations if you find it a bit much.

#5) Write your list of verbs (that you will carry for the next day or so), prove it to yourself you understand it (by being able to complete the verb charts without looking), and then PRACTICE until it becomes more automatic and easy to say.

#5) IF TIME: memorize the vocabulary from chapter #7

하다 (to do)

말하다 (to speak, say, talk)

생각하다 (to think)

일하다 (to work)

시작하다 (to begin)

중요하다 (to be important)

필요하다 (to need)

사용하다 (to use)

공부하다 (to study)

좋아하다 (to like)