Homework for Lesson #2

NOTE: while these are in the order I suggest you do them, it is my opinion that the step I lay out in the video below is easily the most important as that step is the one that is going to move you beyond just "understanding" it to being able to actually do and say it, which is really the goal we're after at the end of the day.

#1) Do a quick review of the chapter #1 material to make sure it's fresh.

#1b) Refresh the vocab you memorized last time

#3) Watch chapter #2 video (if you haven't already) and complete workbook exercises making sure you understand each step as you do.

*NOTE: as I mentioned in the videos, you can ignore the "formal" conjugations if you find it a bit much.

#4) Watch the following video for step #4 (the KEY step)

#5) IF TIME: memorize (or at least familiarize yourself with) the vocabulary for chapter #3

가다 (to go)

알다 (to know)

많다 (to be plentiful / many / much)

받다 (to receive)

만나다 (to meet)

살다 (to come out)

앉다 (to be high)

사다 (to come)

끝나다 (*for something* to come to an end)

맞다 (to be correct)