Register to the Remainder of KDA Level #4!

This is registration for the remainder of LEVEL FOUR (classes #33a-36b), another two months beyond your trial month.  There are more details below about what you get with registration, but first a few important notes...

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: this is a one-time payment only (NOT "monthly") and registers you for the remainder of L4 (another 2 months of video lectures and live practice sessions).

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: as a way of saying "thank you", registration also gets you YEAR-LONG access to the videos of L4 so even after you finish the course, you will be able to go back and review anything you would like as much as you'd like (a $75 value).

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*if you'd prefer to do a bank transfer, just email me and let me know

**if finances are an issue and you would like to work out a payment plan, that is available.  Please get in touch for details.

"Rob, there are teachers, and then there are teachers. You are the latter. Your ability to simplify and clearly explain concepts is undoubtedly a gift and a sure winner. Thanks for your valuable pointers and the energy and passion that you put into your instruction. The rest is up to us."

Audley Anderson
English Language Professor, South Korea

""As far as level 3 goes, I love the way it's structured with the listening component and repetition of structures. The natural repetition is helpful to review and see other uses, rather than books that feel the need to introduce new grammar points before the old ones are mastered.  I've really enjoyed learning directly from someone who has figured this out before me and having longer conversations."

Marsha Pack
Korean Culture and Language Super Fan

"I loved level three. I liked how things continued off one another in a consistent manner. I have noticed improvement in my Korean; speaking, listening, overall comprehension etc. Though, I think I have most gained from an increased confidence in my abilities and not being afraid to make mistakes."

Eric Daubert
Elementary School English Teacher

"Absolutely brilliant ... this school will make you better."

Matt Lindsey
English Teacher, Busan, S. Korea

"Rob, I have to say that I am really loving Level 3. I'm already noticing these structures when I listen to the other teachers speaking Korean at my school. It is really helping my listening ability. Also, I'm really loving the active learning."

Patrick Rivers
English Teacher, South Korea

*PLEASE NOTE: if you are enjoying the classes but are not able to continue on due to time restraints, we do also have a "Videos only" option which would allow you to continue to improve and progress through the course at your own pace WITHOUT having to keep up to the weekly sessions.

If this is an option you might be interested in, please let me know and I will get you more details on that.  Cheers!