What if we break up the payments?

Instead of one payment of $75, what if we break it up into THREE
"monthly" payments of $25 for LIFETIME access?

No worries if you still don't want to however after having taught this course for nearly a decade, one thing I have realized is that quite often there are people who really DO want to register yet finances can be an issue and often a payment plan of some time can help, and so that's exactly what this is for...

Instead of paying the full $75 now, simply click the green button below to send only ONE payment of $25 now, and then one month from now another payment of $25 and one month after that, the third and final payment of $25.

Please note that this will all happen automatically using the card you just registered with so there will be no need to come back and re-register one month from now.

Register now for one payment of $25 and you will have instant access to everything FOR LIFE!

"Yes, give me LIFETIME access!"(only three monthly payments of $25)