Registration is currently open, and will remain so until Sunday, March 7th, 2021

**Please note: If you're interested in the weekly sessions but would prefer a one-on-one class (instead of the "group" sessions), that is also available. Get in touch with me via email (or facebook) for more details.

Welcome to the Korean Digital Academy Insiders Area!

My name's Rob and may I officially welcome you to KDA.Profile_Family

There's a lot more information you'll need and want to know about this program in the Members Area here (links above in the navigation bar), but...

I do want to address something first:

First off, I'm glad you're here. Seriously. I limit the amount of people in here by asking for their name and email right in the beginning like that.

It turns some people away, but more importantly it ensures a certain quality of the ones who do come 'cause it takes someone reading the page and liking what they read enough to take that first step.

You did that. I thank you, I'm glad you're here, and if you're okay with it, I would like the opportunity to help you if I can.

Which brings me to my second point…

I really have helped a lot of people learn Korean since 2005. And there's a good chance I can help you as well.

But neither of us are actually going to know unless you give it a try.

I realize there's a cost to joining, but the fact is it's a very minimal cost considering what you're getting for it and more importantly...

...what it can mean if you do find the program to be a good fit for you and it helps you improve your Korean efficiently.

This language can be learned - relatively easier than most people think - and with each notch of progress comes more interesting opportunities and experiences.

  • I got a university teaching job I wasn't qualified for on paper
  • I've had countless chats with countless little old ajumas on the street and taxi drivers
  • I met my wife and got accepted by her dad
  • I got to help run an English hagwon for 8 years before helping sell it in the Spring of 2014
  • I got to be a significant part of a hockey team and rugby club for about 5 years each
  • Not to mention getting to run successful Korean classes for an entire decade now…

And yet all those together total only a fraction of my positive experiences that no one can ever take away from me - 100% due to my willingness to learn and now ability to speak Korean.

Your path of opportunities and experiences will most likely look entirely different to mine, and that's great, but the common trait they will share is that they are all awesome, and would never be traded for anything.

I'm a skier and so I liken it to skiing in the fact that...

Speaking another language is a skill that perpetually becomes better and more enjoyable the better you get at it, so it's a win-win to put the effort toward it and learn how to do it. NO MATTER how long it might take.

Obviously there's more to find out before deciding and so I invite you to check out the link just below.

But please know that if you're in, I'm all in, your Korean teachers are all in as well, and we look forward to meeting and helping you.



P.S. When it comes to learning a language, consistency is key to progress. If you can provide a bit of that, then I will help make that effort count. I've done it for many and I can do it for you.

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