There's never been a better way to try us out and see for yourself!

DRASTICALLY Improve Your Korean -
or I'll DOUBLE Your Money Back!

(that means I'll give you $14 'cause as part of this "Offer You Can't Refuse"
you only have to pay $7 for a course that normally goes for $75)


Just because this is 93% OFF the regular price, does NOT mean we are shortcutting anything.  In fact, we are actually ADDING something totally new that I think you'll find very helpful: Your "Roadmap to Speaking Success"

For only a one-time payment of $7 you are getting YEAR-LONG ACCESS to one level of
the FULL course  that currently goes for $75 at regular price if purchased on its own.

You're also getting a daily action-plan that you can follow to increase your speaking confidence and fluency, and also build your vocabulary.

And on top of all of that…

If you follow my instructions, finish the level, and don't agree that your
Korean has improved significantly and feel super amped about how
it's going to continue to get better then as I said above...

I will DOUBLE your money back.

This course can and will help you see
immediate and sustainable improvement
in your ability to speak Korean.

Hey Future ROKstar!  <--- that's the name of our group

If your goal is to improve your Korean and hold better, deeper conversations with your friends or family, or simply be able to get around and handle everyday situations in Korea with fewer pains and annoyances, then you may want to give this some serious consideration.

For the price of a coffee and bagel...

You have  the opportunity to GET YEAR-LONG ACCESS to any one level of your choosing here at KDA.

This course has quickly become known for being one of the most effective courses around for explaining the language in a way that makes sense and is easy to apply to actual conversation, and it will IMPROVE YOUR ABILITY TO SPEAK KOREAN.

The people who attended the live class that this course was recorded in - despite not getting any of the other benefits that "digital" provides including mp3-file recordings of the lesson, the workbook, the ability to watch something over if they missed it -happily paid $100 each to be in it.

You now have the ability to get it for $7.

This really is a very good deal, and one that I would give careful consideration to before deciding.

"I studied with the Korean Digital Academy and it was brilliant.  It’s very well organised and getting the basics in these classes made a huge difference to my Korean speaking ability."

~Karen MacHale

"I've just finished Level 1 with KDA. Absolutely brilliant.  This school will make you better."

~Matt Lindsey

So if your goal is to ACTUALLY learn to speak Korean...

(and not just give lip-service to the idea while putting
in very little of the effort needed)

...then this might just be one of the most important
tools in your arsenal to help you do that. 

If the course is so good,
why am I practically giving it away?

Well I'm glad you asked, and to be perfectly
honest, there are TWO REASONS:

The first reason is: I want to prove myself to you.

I've been teaching Korean for a decade now - since 2005 -  and in that time have helped a significant number of people BECOME CONVERSATIONAL IN THE LANGUAGE.

(proof in the words of the people themselves found all over this page - and yes, they are all real AND approved to use by the person(s) they were written by - one being a highly trained and experienced English language professor at Korea's best university)

Yet despite that fact, each time a person comes through the door of KDA, because I'm not Korean(and partly 'cause this is online and they don't get to me face to face), I have to prove myself all over again from scratch.

The ironic part of all this being the very fact that I am NOT Korean is EXACTLY WHY this course exists and why people find it useful.

I don't want to bad-mouth anyone and so I won't, but I can speak from personal experience - from when I first started teaching ENGLISH - that growing up KNOWING a language DOES NOT automatically mean you can teach it well.

Quite the opposite in most cases.

I, on the other hand, actually had to piece this language together myself.

A slow and trying process that at the time I was quite frustrated with. But later came to be the REASON I am able to teach this language.

'Cause I did it.  I went through it.  I successfully did what you're now attempting to do.  

And what's more beneficial to you here and now is that I "get it".  I have a MUCH DEEPER UNDERSTANDING of the language and how it works than a very large percentage of the population.

Couple that fact with 11 years of language-teaching experience (both English AND Korean), and you have KDA.

It's something I've had to do for a long time and while it can be a bit tiresome - ESPECIALLY given the number of people I have already helped become "conversational" - I get it.

And I get why I have to.

And so...

Great teacher, great system, fun exercise, excellent tech implementation - I loved it. I'm pumped. I'm about to study lesson 14 as I write this email. - Thanks again!!

~Robert Hansford

"I can't believe how great it has been to learn what I have learned so far, and it has given me new life in this country."

~Joe Viskoe

'cause there is a VERY good chance I can help you, and I
want your decision to be as easy and "risk free" as possible... in the OFF CHANCE you don't notice a remarkable improvement
in your Korean, then I'm very cool with getting nothing from you.

If that is indeed the case, meaning after you GO THROUGH THIS COURSE and follow my instructions...

If you feel that it did not only help you improve your overall understanding of the language, but also MAKE AN OUTSTANDING IMPROVEMENT IN YOUR ABILITY TO SPEAK THE LANGUAGE, then I honestly do not feel I did the job I promised to do and I would never WANT a penny for it.

And to ensure this is indeed the case - 'cause I think

...I have made it VERY EASY for you
to hold me to this promise

Firstly, I promise to DOUBLE your money back.

Below you will see I am also including with registration this time a "Roadmap to Speaking Success".

This is the first time I have ever included something like this because I want 2015 to be the year you smash it out of the park and get speaking Korean.

If you follow the action steps laid out in that roadmap and do as I instruct yet DO NOT notice a considerable improvement in your ability to understand and speak Korean...

...then I will send you your original investment of $7 back, along with an extra $7 for having wasted your time.

But to be fair to the both of us, to receive the extra $7,  I WILL ask you to provide proof that you have indeed implemented the action steps I have given you.  I think that's only fair.

And if you don't follow my steps as I have laid them out...

YES, you absolutely 100% can still get a refund of your original $7.

If you're not happy with the course and its ability to streamline your path to fluency, you have a full 60-days to simply email me and ask for a refund.

In this case, I will not double your money back, but you ARE more than welcome to a full refund.

Again, if you don't feel I earned your seven bucks, I don't want it.

that you can get every cent back if you ask for it.

And second, I'm ONLY asking for $7.


NOT $75 which one level on its own is normally.

Seven.  Dollars.

Literally a bagel and a coffee.

At the end of the day, if I wanted to take your money and run for the hills, I'd be a fool to only ask for seven bucks (SEVEN BUCKS? Really??).

'Cause while I might "trick" some people up front, the truth of the matter is, the core of my business ISN'T upfront.

My business is the ROKstars.

That's the group of people we currently have going here at KDA who are all helping each other, with my assistance, in their quest to become conversational and beyond in the language.

So my REAL first reason for offering it this cheap is...

I want you to go through the entire level and be so happy with it that you not only write me a note telling how it has helped you just like all the other comments from people you see on this page have...

...but I want you to be so excited about your progress that you move up into higher levels and join our community of ROKstars.

That's my real goal.

And that only happens if I PROVE TO YOU
that this actually helps.

And so THAT'S WHY I'm offering you this now.

Well, that's the first reason.

THE SECOND REASON I'm giving this away for practically
nothing, yet not exactly for "nothing" is...

...I want YOU to prove yourself to ME (us).

As I mentioned just above, my REAL business is helping the community of ROKstars.

They are my current members and my primary responsibility lies with them.

It is not only my job to provide them value and help along THEIR path…

…but it is also my job to act as "gatekeeper" and only let in people who are actually serious about learning and progressing their Korean, and who will contribute to the community in a positive manner.

How do I do that? Well...

I create tests that a person has to pass.

The first test, which you've already passed, is leaving your name and email to get started.

Not everyone does that.  You did.  Nice one.  Whether you realize it or not, it means a lot to me.

And the second test is to charge a nominal fee for entry into our world.

Why do I do that?

I learned a long time ago that I love teaching.  BUT...

After teaching for a while and realizing that there are a lot of people who SAY they want to learn, there are very few who are actually willing to do what it takes to learn.

And so my definition changed.

While I still "like" teaching, I LOVE teaching people who actually want to be taught and want to progress, and who are willing to put in the necessary effort it takes to do so...

...'cause THEY are the ones who actually see results, which is what makes teaching so awesome.

And while I realize it's not a perfect system, I believe...

Evidence someone is serious about whatever it is
they're doing shows up in two places:

(1) it shows up in their schedule, meaning they actually spend TIME to improve the skill they want to learn.


(2) it shows up in their pocketbook, meaning they actually spend MONEY on the pursuit of their skill

Again, it's not a perfect system I realize, but it's what we've got.

We don't want EVERYONE in our group.  We want the ones who are serious and eager to help and be helped, and who have a bit of fun in the process.

That is what being a ROKstar is about.

And so now you're faced with the second test:

Spend a very small amount in exchange for a very good amount of value.

If you think that sounds fair and you'd like to use the New Year to
Kick Your Korean up a Notch, then click here to register...

get started now

This course has helped others but
will it actually work for you?

ONLY based off people who have taken the
course do I have the confidence to say...

"Yes, it will."

But I get that I am biased and that maybe you learn differently than those other people. So yeah, maybe it doesn't.

But at the end of the day, how will you know if you don't try?

And it's that exact reason I am trying to make this as easy as possible to AT LEAST GIVE IT A TRY.

A long-time language professor at Seoul University - Korea's most prestigious university - who has taken plenty of Korean classes in his time says these are "The best Korean classes he has ever taken".

If you don't want to put your faith in me. Put your faith in him.

You've got nothing to lose...

('cause if it doesn't help, you can get all $7 back, DOUBLE if you
follow in instructions on how to proceed through the course)

...and you've got everything to gain if IT DOES HELP.

(since you YOU'RE GETTING YEAR-LONG ACCESS to over 12 hours of in-class tutelage, roughly
50 pages of workbook activities, AND entrance into a community of ROKstars)

get started now

Here's exactly what you're getting to help you

(on your own time, from the comforts of your own home)

The video recordings of a 3-month long course taught live here in Korea

There are 12 video classes in total, each class with roughly one hour worth of video tutorials.

These videos were recorded live in an actual class with students (who are off camera) so  it literally is like you are sitting in the class as well.

The course is taught in a sequence that is meant to constantly provide you with new and very relevant and useful Korean that you can start using right away, and is delivered at a comfortable pace that will not leave you frustrated or overwhelmed.

NOTE: The students in these videos happily paid a total of $100 to attend a single level, but thanks to the power of the Internet... registering now you will get access to the exact same material they did for only seven bucks!!!

AND you get mp3-file recordings, workbook exercises and all the other useful material described on this page which they never did.

So again, if you are indeed serious about actually learning to improve your speaking skills, then you will want to take me up on this offer before it goes away.

Great teacher, great system, fun exercise, excellent tech implementation - I loved it. I'm pumped. I'm about to study lesson 14 as I write this email. - Thanks again!!

~Robert Hansford

"I can't believe how great it has been to learn what I have learned so far, and it has given me new life in this country."

~Joe Viskoe

The exact same handouts we use in the videos so you can follow along perfectly with everything we do

Just like a map is completely useless if you don't know where you are on it, the videos would not be terribly effective if you did not have the same handout we use and refer to in the videos.

So you will also get all the handouts, typically one per class, that we use in the videos so you can follow along perfectly, again, JUST like you're actually in the class.

And it's worth nothing that these lessons follow the exact method I used to become conversational and then fluent in the language, only are way more fine-tuned than what I used to save you time and wasted effort.  

""I'm really happy with the classes so far! It has REALLY helped to have a native English speaker explaining the grammar. I finally have the tools to put together sentences, not just pick out random words here and there. Thank you so much for these awesome classes!"

~Melinda B.

Workbook practice pages so you can practice and consolidate everything you learn

Some people like to learn through listening, some people learn visually, and some people just like to work things out for themselves.

To round out the complete learning experience for everyone involved, you're getting review/practice pages (with an answer key) that you can download and use to practice and consolidate everything you’re learning.

"I have enjoyed the KDA classes very much and have shown a marked improvement in my ability to navigate the country and the language.  The program and classes are terrific."


Improve your pronunciation AND listening with mp3-file recordings of each class

(recorded by a native Korean-speaker)

Speaking may be our goal, but learning to speak without improving your ear for the language would be like learning how to swim but never using your legs...

...sure you could do it, but you’d never do it as well as you had the potential to.

And likewise with pronunciation:

You could know how to say a million different things in the language, but if your pronunciation is so bad that no one understands you, you might as well know how to say nothing.

Now I will say that having to sound perfectly like a native is not necessary (almost EVERY one speaks a second language with an accent), but honing in as close as possible is still a great idea!

And so that’s what these mp3-files are for.  They...

  • were recorded by a native speaker
  • are available for all 12 lectures
  • cover the ‘honorific’, ‘common’, and ‘casual’ levels of respect
  • are there for you to listen to any time you have some downtime (i.e. out walking, cleaning, in a taxi, when and wherever!)

"Rob, I have to say that I am really loving it so far. I'm already noticing these structures when I listen to the other teachers speaking Korean at my school. It is really helping my listening ability. Also, I'm really loving the active learning."

~Patrick Rivers

"I also want to add my applause for KDA!!! It is helping me learn a lot!  Material is very well presented and explained in the videos.  Can't recommend KDA enough to all who would like to learn Korean!
KDA 잘했어요 그리고 감사합니다!"

~Anna Tzanova

And for registering now, you're also getting...

Your daily action-plan "Road Map to Speaking Success" to help you make smart, consistent effort toward your goal

This is often the missing ingredient for a lot of people.

There is no shortage of info on the language out there, but there is a severe lack of strategy and proven plans that will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

This will change that.

These days with all the new technology and sites and apps, everything aimed at "helping" you, it's easy to get caught up in "activity" and confuse that with "progress".

This will fix that.

You will now have daily tasks set that will keep you moving forward along a path TOWARD your goal AND help you maximize your efforts by cutting out unnecessary steps and wasted time.

So are you going to take this opportunity to boost your speaking-skills forward,
or continue trying to piece this language together one your own?

I started with zero Korean, I successfully made it through the steps your currently trying to, and over the last decade, I have helped hundreds - closer to thousands now - do the same and get conversational in this language.

10 years later, I am not still running this program because I was able to convince a bunch of people to simply join...

I am still running this program because people joined, used it,  AND FOUND IT REALLY HELPFUL.

And I want the same for you.

It's currently 93% off the regular price.

It's backed by a 60-day money-back "promise of progress".

It's DOUBLY backed by my "DOUBLE your money back" if you follow the steps I lay out for you and don't notice significant improvement (I'm even letting YOU DECIDE what "signifcant" means).

So if you're tired of piecing this together on your own and making slow progress and can see the benefit of following a proven-plan laid out by an experienced teacher who has actually done the steps he's prescribing, then I strongly encourage you to join us and take the next step to becoming a ROKstar.

Now is the time.  Our community awaits.

Click this big, yellow button to join us and let's
take your Korean to the next level.

get started now

Offer valid until December 24th

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