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You have  the opportunity to get YEAR-LONG access to any one level of your choosing here at KDA, a course that has quickly become known for being one of the most effective courses around for explaining the language in a way that makes sense and is easy to apply to actual conversation.

So if your goal is to ACTUALLY learn Korean - and not just give lip-service to the idea while putting in very little of the effort needed - then this will be one of the most important tools in your arsenal to help you do that.

"I studied with the Korean Digital Academy and it was brilliant.  It’s very well organised and getting the basics in these classes made a huge difference to my Korean speaking ability."

~Karen MacHale

"I've just finished Level 1 with KDA. Absolutely brilliant.  This school will make you better."

~Matt Lindsey

Here's exactly what you're getting to help you

(on your own time, from the comforts of your own home)

The video recordings of a 6-week course taught live here in Korea

There are 12 video classes in total, each class with roughly one hour worth of video tutorials.

These videos were recorded live in an actual class with students (who are off camera) so  it literally is like you are sitting in the class as well.

The course is taught in a sequence that is meant to constantly provide you with new and very relevant and useful Korean that you can start using right away, but is delivered at a comfortable pace that will not leave you frustrated or overwhelmed.

NOTE: The students in these videos happily paid a total of $100 to attend a single level, but thanks to the power of the Internet, by registering now you will get access to the exact same material they did for only seven bucks!!!

AND you get mp3-file recordings, workbook exercises and all the other useful material described on this page which they never did, so again, if you are indeed serious about actually learning to improve your speaking skills, then you will want to take me up on this offer before it goes away.

Great teacher, great system, fun exercise, excellent tech implementation - I loved it. I'm pumped. I'm about to study lesson 14 as I write this email. - Thanks again!!

~Robert Hansford

"I can't believe how great it has been to learn what I have learned so far, and it has given me new life in this country."

~Joe Viskoe

The exact same handouts we use in the videos so you can follow along perfectly with everything we do

Just like a map is completely useless if you don't know where you are on it, the videos would not be terrible effective if you did not have the same handout we use and refer to in the videos.

So you will also get all the handouts, typically one per class, that we use in the videos so you can follow along perfectly, again, JUST like you're actually in the class.

And it's worth nothing that these lessons follow the exact method I used to become conversational and then fluent in the language, only are way more fine-tuned than what I used to save you time and effort.  

""I'm really happy with the classes so far! It has REALLY helped to have a native English speaker explaining the grammar. I finally have the tools to put together sentences, not just pick out random words here and there. Thank you so much for these awesome classes!"

~Melinda B.

Workbook practice pages so you can practice and consolidate everything you learn

Some people like to learn through listening, some people learn visually, and some people just like to work things out for themselves.

To round out the complete learning experience for everyone involved, you're getting review/practice pages (with an answer key) that you can download and use to practice and consolidate everything you’re learning.

"I have enjoyed the KDA classes very much and have shown a marked improvement in my ability to navigate the country and the language.  The program and classes are terrific."


Improve your pronunciation AND listening with mp3-file recordings of each class

(recorded by a native Korean-speaker)

Speaking may be our goal, but learning to speak without improving your ear for the language would be like learning how to swim but never using your legs...sure you could do it, but you’d never do it as well as you had the potential to.

And likewise with pronunciation:

You could know how to say a million different things in the language, but if your pronunciation is so bad that no one understands you, you might as well know how to say nothing.

Now I will say that having to sound perfectly like a native is not necessary (almost EVERY one speaks a second language with an accent), but honing in as close as possible is still a great idea!

And so that’s what these mp3-files are for.  They...

  • were recorded by a native speaker
  • are available for all 12 lectures
  • cover the ‘honorific’, ‘common’, and ‘casual’ levels of respect
  • are there for you to listen to any time you have some downtime (i.e. out walking, cleaning, in a taxi, when and wherever!)

"Rob, I have to say that I am really loving it so far. I'm already noticing these structures when I listen to the other teachers speaking Korean at my school. It is really helping my listening ability. Also, I'm really loving the active learning."

~Patrick Rivers

"I also want to add my applause for KDA!!! It is helping me learn a lot!  Material is very well presented and explained in the videos.  Can't recommend KDA enough to all who would like to learn Korean!
KDA 잘했어요 그리고 감사합니다!"

~Anna Tzanova

And for registering now, you're also getting...

4 different wordlists of close to 1000 of the MOST COMMONLY-USED words in the language, including...

One “key” to learning Korean effectively is to spend time learning words that people ACTUALLY use, and avoid learning words that people don't actually use very much.

NOTE: you might not think that is so important but there actually IS a difference between written Korean and spoken Korean.

It's certainly not the majority, but there are a LOT of words used in writing that just aren't used in spoken Korean that much, so it really can be a trap to not learn the stuff you're actually going to use and hear.

Another key point that a lot of teachers (who just grew up KNOWING the language) don't quite realize and differentiate between well enough, in my honest opinion.

So shortcut your learning by not wasting any time learning stuff people don’t actually say. These PDF word-lists give you:

  • the 300-most-common verbs used in Korean
  • the 200-most-common adjectives
  • the 400-most-common nouns
  • the 100-most-common adverbs

“I really liked your Korean classes; it was the only time I studied Korean and felt there was a logic to it and a system to the teaching.  I felt you could understand English-speakers' problems learning Korean.”

~Melanie Steyn; Suncheon University English Professor

Cut your learning-time in half and follow a proven
blueprint to become "conversational" in Korean

“You are a great teacher! I think your teaching methodology works well. You always provided feedback whenever needed.  The mini oral tests were great. I really can't think of anything else. It was a great class.”

~Ramona Pavilionis; Suncheon University Language Department

“You are a great teacher! I think your teaching methodology works well. You always provided feedback whenever needed.  The mini oral tests were great. I really can't think of anything else. It was a great class.”

~Ramona Pavilionis; Suncheon University Language Department

“I thought your classes were great.  The area they helped me most in was being a better teacher, you gave me a better understanding of the Korean language and from that I was able to better understand and explain the mistakes that my students were making.   In general Rob, you did an awesome job.”

Jessika; Wonderland English Teacher

“Hey man, just wanted to let you know that the classes were great and that I could write a lot about how well you teach them, I think you’re chill, easy going, make people feel comfortable and one of the best teachers I’ve had, period.  Keep doing what you’re doing.”

Dustin Clark; English Teacher, S.Korea

"It was just the right balance of difficulty for my learning level. I liked how things continued off one another in a consistent manner. I have noticed improvement in my Korean; speaking, listening, overall comprehension etc."

Eric Daubert; English Teacher, S.Korea

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