Hey, thanks for checking out the site! Here are a couple
quick recommendations for you based on the answers you provided:

My First Recommendation:

profile_family_picI see you said you'd prefer 'regularly-scheduled classes' to prepare for in order to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Based on that, the first thing I recommend is that you take a look at our main program - the Weekly Group Classes. I won't explain too much here as the info is all on the FAQ / Info page here, but that is our "flagship" program that KDA has become known for.

It includes digital lectures which were recorded in the live classes I taught here in Korea, which deliver clear explanations of how the Korean language works and builds; and then follow each of those up with a weekly live speaking-practice session with a Korean teacher a very small number of fellow-learners (max of 3 others) of a similar level to you, where you practice comfortably (yet "deliberately") everything you learn in the recorded lectures.

My Second Recommendation:

Because you're "not a beginner", the second thing I recommend is that you not worry too much about exactly what level you will fit into just yet.

Part of the registration process will be to work together to establish what your current level is and find a level/class that you are happy with, that will challenge you and progress your skills forward, but not leave you overwhelmed.

Currently we have four levels here at KDA which cover a high-enough level for most people (in the last 4 years I think I've only ever had to turn away about 3 or 4 people for being "too high"), so that will very likely NOT be an issue.

All that being said, if you would prefer to establish your level before registering (just to be sure), you can always email me(rob@KoreanDigitalAcademy.com) and let me know and we can work together to figure that out.

And to help you get a feel for what level you *might* like to start in (and to give insight into the teaching and program style), I have also opened up the first two classes of each level (in the Members Area).  Feel free to check those out, and let me know if you have any questions.



Click Here to Check Out the Weekly Group Program