Teacher Training Centre

Welcome to the teacher training centre.  Below we have provided some helpful videos, as well as access to download the slides you can use in class.  If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  Thanks!

Step #1: Download the Teacher's Slide Decks

NOTE: the slides for Levels Three and Four can be downloaded from the individual class pages

VIDEO #1. Reverse Repetition Technique

In this video you'll discover a simple technique to help people accurately and comfortably practice longer Korean sentences.

VIDEO #2. Making copies of slides

In this video you'll discover a the simple way to make sure you always have a fresh slide deck to work from for each class you do, as well as what to name the slide decks so that it's easy to keep things organized.

VIDEO #3. Sending Emails After Class

In this video we'll look at how best to send emails to students (and to us!) after you've finished a class with students.

Class Recordings

As part of our training, we used to have new teachers join the classes of other teachers to observe, however some teachers commented they found it distracting and preferred not to do that.  So instead, what we've decided to do is provide recordings of certain classes (one from each of the first three levels).  We would encourage you to watch these as if you are sitting in the class and attending live, however you only need to do watch them for the levels you are about to teach.

Level One

This is a Level One class taught by Mina:

Level Two

This is a Level Two class taught by Mina:

Level Three

This is a Level Three class taught by Yeoung-joo:

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