How to Set up a Meeting with GoToMeeting

NOTE-1: this step only needs to be done once, and the link you will generate will be the same link you can use with every class from now on NOTE-2: this step can only be done after you've created your 'Organizer' account at and have the program downloaded on your computer (look for the yellow flower icon) STEP #1:Click the GoToMeeting yellow flower icon to open the program (this might be on your desktop and/or in your program files)

STEP #2: Click "Schedule a Meeting"

STEPS #3, 4, and 5: Name the meeting "Live Korean Classes", check "recurring", click "Schedule"

STEP #6: Click "Show Invitation Text"

STEP #7: Click "Copy to clipboard"

STEP #8: Copy that into an email and send it to me

  And you're done! Again, you will always use that same link (that's why it's "recurring") so you will not need to do this step ever again. Yayy!