If You've Been Impressing People By Showing Them How You Can Put Together A Full Sentence In Only a Month Of Korean, Well Now You'll Really Blow Them Away By Connecting Two Sentences Together!

Hi again,

So, the last class was a pretty heavy dose of new material.  Because of that, today we're going to take it a bit easier.  While there will still be a lot of info presented in this class, you don't have to worry about taking it all in.  All the extra stuff is more for people who are a bit more familiar with the language already and don't really need a break.

But if you are fairly new, and feeling a bit overwhelmed, just use this class as a chance to relax, solidify some of the concepts we've already talked about, and then focus on picking up just a few key things from this lesson.

The main 3 I recommend you go for, if nothing else, are...

1) Getting the subject pronouns memorized.

2) Understanding how to use 'and' between nouns.

3) Understanding how to use 'and' between sentences.

The rest of the stuff given in this class is just 'backburner stuff' that, if you're ready for - great, but if you're not, don't worry about it.  It will all be covered again in later classes.

So, with that said, let's hop into it...

Video #5a: Review/Test of last class

Video #5b: The vocab (subject pronouns, etc)

Video #5c: The reading and the "grammar"

Video #5d: Sentence-making practice time

Well, there you go.  Again, just try to focus on what I talked about before we began.  If you have any questions that need clearing up, or if you'd like to leave a comment, feel free to email me or leave it on the facebook page.

Next class we're going to jump into the 'Pure Korean Counting System' - two counting systems, isn't that great!!  But don't worry.  Together we'll work it out and it won't be as bad as it sounds.

Well, take it easy, study hard, and I'll see you again soon,


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