Chapter #4


NOTE: this chapters talks a lot about the difference between true ‘action’ verbs vs. ‘descriptive’ verbs, so if you are not yet familiar with that concept, then I would recommend checking out this link first.

Video 1 (of 3): How to Conjugate 우-verbs (true action verbs)

Download the 'Language Booster Pack'(if you have not already downloaded it from a previous chapter)

Video 2 (of 3): How to Conjugate 우-verbs (descriptive verbs)

Video 3 (of 3): some more examples of 'descriptive' 우-verbs

In this chapter you will discover...

How to conjugate 우-verbs, the third of our six groups of "regular" verbs.

Also, make sure to ask any questions you might have (as there are a few "trickier" things with this group) and I'll do my best to clear it up for you.


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