Follow a proven plan to fluency and make
immediate and long-lasting improvement in
your ability to SPEAK Korean, no matter your
current level or experience, and even if you have
no one to practice with or limited time per day.

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The ONE Crucial Skill We Need to Develop (when it comes to speaking Korean):

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A More Useful Definition of  "Fluency"

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The missing step

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Follow this proven plan to fluency

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Forget theory...follow this proven plan to fluency.

Wanna improve your Korean?  It's simple.  There are only TWO things you need to do...

Work smart.  And work hard.

But make no mistake, without that dreaded four-letter word (work), there is no improvement.

And don't worry, when I say "work hard" I DON'T mean putting in hours upon hours upon hours that we just don't have in a day.

Even if you only have 10 minutes that you can dedicate in a day, you can still do this.

(and if you've got even a bit more than that, we'll have you rockin' in no time!)

You see, when it comes to speaking Korean, there really
is only ONE crucial skill we need to develop:

We want our brains to think it, and then our mouths to be able say it.  And ideally without too much delay - or thought - in between.  <--- that's really the varying shades of fluency in a nutshell.

And once we know that, it then becomes clear that there is very specific action that needs to be taken to build this crucial skill.

Yet with so many sites "teaching" Korean we get so caught up in taking in more and more and more info before we can even produce the info we already have with any decent fluency or confidence.

And all this info without a plan or frame to fit into is EXACTLY where overwhelm comes from. 

It's where confusion comes from. 

It's where frustration comes from…

I really wish I had a dollar for the amount of times I've heard in my life, "I know it, I just can't get it to come out".

And then add on top of that all the apps and latest whiz-bang gadgets helping us "shortcut" the process.

Uploading memory lists, downloading flashcards, mindlessly repeating after cookie-cutter softwares - we start tricking ourselves into thinking that these latest technology-aided "methods" will eliminate the need for us to do the WORK required.

Well it's wrong.  They do not replace that need.

All it does is cause us to confuse "activity" with "progress", and actually slow down our results.

So then how DO we focus on "progress"
and guarantee our improvement?

Well first, it means we need to follow a PROVEN and specific path.  One that has cut out the unnecessary steps where effort is wasted.  This is where working SMART comes in.

[PLEASE NOTE: to help you with this, we are laying out this plan for you.  More
info on how to get your "Roadmap to Speaking Success" down below]

And second, it means being CONSISTENT in your effort.  Daily, is ideal.

Even if you only have a limited amount of time per day, consistency will move you to your goals.

But be careful, 'cause it's a circle.

Remember that our ONE crucial skill is to get our mouths to actually produce what our brain wants to say.

So if you work smart but neglect to add the effort needed to actually develop this skill, you will stop short of the results you want.  You will move on to taking in more info before you have developed the ability to produce the info you already have.

But if you work hard without working smart and following that plan, a bit of a random analogy here, but I like to think of it as a sprinter running directly sideways at the sound of the gun.  You'll be putting in the effort needed, but going nowhere in the race.

So if this makes sense to you...

...and if you're serious about improving your Korean (which I know you are 'cause you're still reading!), then you may really want to go and grab your "Roadmap to Speaking Success" now.

get started now

I don't care if you can only afford 10 minutes a day - and it's worth noting that typically most days will not require much more than an hour max - this WILL help you.

It will help you:

  • get more bang out of the effort you do put it
  • notice an IMMEDIATE spike in your ability to speak
  • get you VERY excited as you will begin to see exactly how it is going to help you if you just stick to it
  • And ultimately it's going to allow you to put together sentences more confidently and hold better conversations, which really is what this is all about, isn't it?

So go check it out if you'd like, and I'll speak to you real soon…

get started now

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"The only course on the planet that gives you a step-by-step PROVEN plan to fluency in Korean created and taught by an experienced language teacher who also learned Korean from nothing, enabling you to make immediate and consistent improvement in your ability to SPEAK Korean, even if you have no one to practice with and as little as 10 minutes a day to do it in.

The fact is, people learning Korean have different wants, needs and struggles, i.e. some people live in Korea and some don't (therefor have less access to Korean people), some people are older than others and feel their ability to "learn" has diminished (nonsense!), and naturally some people are just beginners while others have already progressed further through the language.

And so what all this ultimately means is that people  ALSO need different solutions tailored to their current needs and wants.  And that is exactly what we aim to provide.

So if this is your first time here and you don't mind, help us help you better right from the get-go by answering a few short questions about your current situation and we'll recommend our best solution to move you forward from where you're at now.  Sound okay?  Then click the big blue button just below and let's get started!

Help us help you improve...


The only Korean course on the planet that:

  • Utilizes the "flipped classroom" concept,
  • Was created and taught by an experienced language teacher who also learned Korean from nothing,
  • Gives you simple explanations in plain English on how the language works,
  • Provides you a step-by-step PROVEN action-plan to fluency that you can follow each day to improve, and
  • Guarantees you see immediate improvement in your ability to speak this language