The Very First Step You Should Take

Awesome if you have already done this, but the first tip I'm going to give you - in case you have not yet done so - is...


You may or may not have heard that Korean is a very logically built language (and I would agree - it is!).  But to really take advantage of that, and truly see and understand how it builds, it is very worth learning how to read.

The best part?

It's actually pretty easy, and can be done within a few hours.  Sure, your speed or "perfect" pronunciation may not be there yet, but that's totally fine, and something I'll address further in another tip.

Unlike English, which is full of 'exceptions to the rule', Korean is pretty straight-forward.  See a character, learns its sound...boom, done!

For example...ㄱ is a 'g'.

Again, a little bit of fine-tuning points regarding pronunciation (which I address in class #1), but for now, as you learn to read, that's all you need to know about it.

So if you haven't yet done so, I recommend you get into classes #1 and #2 and learn how to read.  I promise it will serve you VERY well through the rest of your Korean-learning journey.



P.S. There is a link to the members area just below (the big blue button).  Make sure you're logged in, and you can access classes #1 and 2 through the 'Video Lectures' link, either in the navigation bar (on the top of that page, at the right) or by scrolling down below on that page...

P.P.S. the first two classes deal with all you will need to know to read Korean.  But then class #3 is when we really get into speaking and learning full sentences, and it'll really serve you well to have the alphabet locked down by then. Again, speed does NOT matter. That'll come with time and practice.

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