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Welcome to the Korean language course component of your South Korea Cultural Foundation Course, hosted by Korean Digital Academy

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  • Videos recorded in a live class taught here in Korea, so even though it's online, it's like you're actually in the class
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of how the language works, so you can improve efficiently and avoid wasting time being confused about things (a common stumbling block for early learners!)
  • Taught by a native English-speaker who, in 2003, started exactly where you are now, and over the last decade has become known for helping make simple sense of a seemingly "difficult" language
  • Get effective and fun speaking-practice sessions with our ever-helpful native Korean teachers, and ensure you improve your ability to actually SAY everything you're learning
  • Incredibly flexible (and highly effective!) methods and class times to allow you learn and improve at times and a pace that fits perfectly into YOUR schedule and learning style

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Here’s what you’ll learn in the first month:

In General:

Firstly, you are going to learn to read and write the Korean alphabet. They say that Korean is a very "logical" and "scientific" language and they're absolutely right. And to best take advantage of that logic when learning the language, it helps immensely to see (and understand) things written in Korean, which is why we always recommend the first step anyone take in learning Korean be to learn how to read and write…even if it’s slow, and even if you don’t understand much of what you’re reading.

Once you’ve completed that, you’ll transition from learning how to read to learning how to SPEAK Korean. We will use one of the most widely used verb structures in the language as a springboard to dive in and learn two of the most common and useful questions and answers you’ll use in your time in Korea. Specific details on those just below.

We progress one class per week, so your trial month will last a total of four weeks.  Each week you have the video lectures and materials to watch and study, and a live practice session with your Korean teacher (details on that below).


Class #1: The Basic Korean Alphabet

(Six videos, approximately one hour in total)

In this class, we’ll learn how to read, write, and pronounce the basic Korean alphabet, including all 16 consonants and 8 vowels. Please note, if you’re unfamiliar with Korean, this can seem daunting (as many people naturally compare it to the complexity of learning to read Chinese or Japanese), but it is in fact relatively simple compared to those languages, and even compared to English.

 Class #2: The Korean Alphabet (part 2)

(Seven videos, approximately one hour in total)

In this class we learn the rest of everything you need to know to literally be able to read and write everything you will ever see in Korean. Specifically we cover how to read the vowel combinations, sounds of double-consonants, consonants in the final position of a block, and then just mention a few things about some other consonants that we'll want to keep on the backburner for later classes when we're working on pronunciation.

Class #3: The Basic Korean Sentence

(Five videos, approximately one hour in total)

In this class we dive into the basic Korean sentence using one of the most common questions and answers we will both hear and use in Korean… “What’s this/that?” “It’s a ______. Both the question and answer utilize ‘이다’ (equivalent to the English verb ‘to be’, but with some differences), easily one of the most commonly-used verbs in the entire language. We’ll look at the basic sentence structure, how to conjugate this verb into various levels of respect (and also how to simplify everything while you’re just starting out), and how to plug and play with different vocabulary, so that you can continue to expand everything you can say over time.

Class #4: All about money

(Five videos, approximately one hour in total)

In this class we’re going to reinforce everything we learned in class #3 by focusing on another really common question and answer that you’ll both hear and use during your time in Korean… “How much is this/that?” “It’s _____ won”. We’ll learn about how to count using what I call the ‘Chinese Derivated Counting System”, the counting system you’ll use when talking about money.

Here are the resources we include to help you learn and improve as efficiently as possible:

  • Video Lectures
  • Each class comes complete with videos (recorded in a live class so it’s like you’re actually sitting there with the other students). Typically (where applicable) there is a video for each section of the class, including:
  • A review/oral test of the previous class (except for the first class, 'cause there's nothing to review!)
  • The target vocabulary for the day
  • A reading of the lesson, to work on our pronunciation of the alphabet we just learned, and to introduce examples of the concepts we are going to focus on for the class
  • Explanations of the target concepts IN PLAIN, EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND English
  • A Q&A session where the students practice what we covered in the class
  • The "Language Booster Pack" that you can download, and that contains everything else needed to supplement you’re learning, including:
  • The main lesson / handout
  • These are the exact same handouts we use in the class videos so you can follow along perfectly, just like you're in the class. They contain the example sentences and structures each class focuses on and builds around, and they are yours to keep and improve with.
  • Workbook / Practice Pages
  • Workbook pages (with answer key) from each class that you can download, print off, use to check your understanding and consolidate everything you're learning in the videos.
  • Mp3 Files
  • Mp3-file recordings of the target sentences of each class, recorded by a native-Korean speaker, that you can save to your computer or mp3-player and use to improve your listening as well as pronunciation.
  • Slides
  • These slides are what the teachers use in your live speaking-practice sessions, to help you practice and improve your speaking fluency and confidence. We include these in your download pack so that you can preview exactly what you’ll be practicing, should you like.

And along with the digital resources to help you learn, you’re also getting…

  • FOUR live practice sessions with a Korean teacher
  • These practice sessions will be at the same time each week.  The specific day and time will be set around YOUR schedule and availability. Upon registering above, you will get instructions to your next steps, one of which will be to submit your “availability”.  We will use that to find a class day and time that works for you. Please note that putting together groups of people from different times and availabilities can be challenging, so we kindly ask that you please follow the instructions exactly as we have laid them out for you.  Thanks!

And lastly, please note...

While we do rely on automation to streamline operations, myself and our team are real people behind all of the emails you'll receive upon registering.  So any questions or concerns you might have (regarding the material learned in the videos, the classes and schedules, or anything at all!), please feel free to reply and ask or share anything that's on your mind, and we'll be happy to help.  Thanks!

(in not-so-fine print!)